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Loading An Image Before Webpage Displays


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Is there a quick and easy way to get a webpage's banner image to load BEFORE the webpage displays itself to the browser?


I have a page that displays, then a quarter of a second later the main image displays itself. This causes things to jump around and makes it seem a little glitchy.



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The complete answer will need amplification by others in this forum, but one possible solution is to display the picture as a 1x1px somewhere innocuous on your page (Like in a corner.) BEFORE displaying the full picture. This should force the browser to download the whole file before displaying it on the site.


Keep in mind that picture files should always be kept as small (In physical dimensions as well as in pixels per inch (PPI)) as possible! 72 ppi is quite adequate for the web.


Hope you will get more "how-To" info from others herein.



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