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Front / Back-End Developer / Designer Needed

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Front and Back-End Developer/Designer to build and maintain a bespoke community based e-learning website within an untapped niche market.


This position is for London Based Individuals Only! Sorry, No Teams.


A little about the situation

Hi, my name is Julian and I'm looking for someone willing invest their sweat equity and go into business together, as I have limited funds and need to cover basic business start-up costs like; Company Registration fees and an Adwords campaign, which will help generate an immediate return on your investment.


If push came to extreme shove, I might consider approaching an interested investor to kick start your interest, but that would substantially reduce the 49% ownership I am willing to offer you under this arrangement.


A little about the project

This is a definitive interactive learning program, set within a fee-based community where members have access to a number of unique features and functions through a private and secure user interface organised by icons.


The e-course consists of 9 key modules, which members complete successively before having free access to any section they choose. There are also two freely accessible additional modules, plus a few other sections mentioned below.


The program in general has been designed with the sole intention of creating an inspired, vibrant and fully active community which I believe it successfully does through a number of features, but most notably through incentive schemes which offer very attractive rewards. So all of this and more will need to come to life through your programming and design skills.


In addition to that, Big Brother will need to track all this activity through an expansive CMS to help improve member experiences, and provide us with important user stats.


A little about the business model

This is essentially a low cost, low maintenance start-up (two person operation to start), which has the potential to generate 6 figures within the first year and 7 figures once we go global.


Although that would increase our work loads and may involve travel, the aim is to outsource as much as possible at every turn in a bid to keep our working arrangements as flexible as possible.


A little about your requirements

This is a great opportunity to be a part of something that genuinely helps people in need, some of whom are in crisis. So, if you're truly passionate about what you do and believe programming can change the world, then this really is the job for you.


Along with the two lists below you'll basically be responsible for everything from; technological performance and data security; to site development and expansion and everything that lies between that vastness including teaching me how to use the CMS which will be a mission in itself ;-)


Since I know nothing about coding and language etc, I will simply list what you'll need to be able to create:


  • Countdown timers/clocks
  • Sliding scales and web pages
  • Financial calculating programs
  • Bespoke icons
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • A system that allows people to collect activity points
  • Automated League tables
  • Time-released programs


There's more but I think I'd be insulting you if I listed them.


You should also:


Have a good understanding of colours and sizing things up

Have a deep desire to create the best website on the net

Have a willingness and ability to collaborate throughout the design and build process and especially in relation to bringing to life the e-course which is a 50,000 page manuscript.

Have some understanding of what it takes to run your own business

Have an understanding of the internet and SEO/SEM

Be clear that if you're the chosen one, we will likely be working very closely for the foreseeable future

Be reliable, a respectable time keeper, open-minded and able to put in over-time when necessary

Enjoy kicking back, having a drink and relaxing from time to time

Have the verbal skills to help realise all the above requirements and especially the penultimate one


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


Interested? Then:


Send me your portfolio and prove to me that you can do the work

Think about your own understanding/vision of what I've just spoken about so that we can explore things together when we meet up over a coffee.


At some point you will also need to:


1. Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement

2. Provide 3 forms of proof of ID


Thanks for your time and energy JB

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