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Newbie Needs Some Help With E-Commerce

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Hello Forum Friends....I'm not a developer or an accomplished designer by ANY means, but I'm going to try my hand at setting up a web storefront. I've pretty well decided to go with Wordpress as my basic platform (since it seems the easiest for a newbie like me) ....I woulod like some guidance about which ecommerce framework to use ... I've been considering Woocommerce (for no reason other than I understood to brief description) .... and I haven't decided about which template to use. I am trying to create a boutique - women's fashion shop for a local brick and mortar business (that doesn't have much $$$Dinero - hence the3 newbie designer/developer :unsure: )


Any help in giving me some initial direction would be sooooooo appreciated .... and if you live near mystic, ct I willo, indeed, buy you a beer!


Thank you

Quietshaman (Charles Beck)

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I like http://dukapress.org/ it is free and very easy to use. Has great documentation and support. One time I was having a problem and the developer of the plugin asked to have access to my site and he would fix it for me. Was a little nervous as this was my first time trying this plugin so I did a backup and let him in. In about 20 min he emailed me and fixed the php to do what I needed.

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