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very basic question


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I apoligize in advance for my ignorance, but i need some help. I recently signed up for an affiliate program, i was given a 1-800 number and a unique url string, i have used the 1-800 number for a few sales and have gotten paid, but as far as the url im lost. The url they gave me is so long it cant be used practically or used in any of my advertising, but in order to process sales online i have to channel them through the url that i was given. So my plan is to buy a more attractive domain name and then directly link to the unique url i was given. How do i go about doing this, When someone puts in my domain name i want them to be immediately linked to the url. Since my new domain will be basically a blank jump page of sorts, would i have to pay to have this site hosted?? Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!!

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The best way is a 301 redirect using a .htaccess file (that's the filename, it hasn't got an extension). You go into the hosting service control panel and add code to one that is there, or create a .htaccess file.


Redirect to www (htaccess redirect)



Another way is with a meta-refresh code at the top of each page, but t causes a flash and possibly a slight delay.


There is also tiny.url http://www.tiny.cc/ which creates an incredibly short url like www.fjl87.com but I'm not sure whether that would be suitable for you.

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