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Quotqtions, Apostrophes And Amperands. Oh My!


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NOTE! As I posted this, Eddie pretty much answered my question in my original post! I could not figure out how to delete this, so I'll let it stand for now to see if there are other brilliant solutions out there!


Andrea recently pointed out the errors of my ways in that use of regular quotation marks (") should be rendered as " when used as part of a sentence (As opposed to part of HTML coding.) By studying W3C I found that ", ', &, <, and > are "reserved characters" in HTML, so of course Andrea is, as usual, correct!


This caused a single page on one of my web-sites to cough up 151 errors in an HTML validator!


I then tried to go back to the original .txt document from my customer from which I coded the HTML tags in NOTEPAD, and tried to do a find-and-replace routine. Didn't work in NOTEPAD, but did work in MS Word!


Most of the pages in this "Magazine" are loaded with quotation marks!


How do you handle this conundrum?


Thanks! Alfie

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