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Edit Local Root Folder Location Dreamweaver


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I have a live site and needed to move to a new computer. I've been having a problem when I ftp to the server, but have worked around the issue, but now am finding more problems as I add pages and other activities (may be related to an open issue here: http://www.killersites.com/community/index.php?/topic/13654-invalid-markup-duplicate-attribute/)


I just found my site definition root folder to have been set up incorrectly. It's pointing to the folder above where it should be and the default images folder is pointing to the location which should be the local root. I fear modifying this will dig me deeper. What is the best way to resolve? I'm using Dreamweaver CS4.


Thank you

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Use something like FileZilla instead of DreamWeaver for ftp. It is easy to figure out.



Now your problem, where ever you store your root folder weither on your desktop or in a website folder make a new site with DW4. It does not matter what you name it. The name is just for you. Now close DW. Now open your site, not with DW but open the folder. Now open the new site for that you now have two windows open. Now copy,drag whatever all of the folders and files to the new folder. Now open DW and your site should be there. I do not know if there is a better or simpler way. But this is what I did when I was first learning DWCS4. If this does not work then you are missing something from downloading from the server.


A little advice. Always back up your site. I put a copy on a flash drive, in dropbox, and I have my hosting server back up twice a week with the last four backups saved.


When naming your folders in your site start them with an underscore ( _images ) this will put all of your folders at the top making a better organized site.


When you have to change your hosting server for some reason, I use filezilla and put the site on my laptop. Then with the site on my laptop I then move the site to the new server. Might be a better or easier way. But this is how I do it. It just makes it easy to make sure that I downloaded everything correctly.

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I mention some step to edit root folder. I am not so good in english so if you having any queries about this, I will help you.

Remember that each project has a different root folder.

To change the name of the folder, just navigate to it on the hard drive and change the name then point your dreamweaver project at the folder.

To edit the properties for each project simply go to the bottom of the menu and choose manage sites. There you can point a site to a root folder.

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