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Video Ip Routing Help Needed


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I am creating a video server on my campus. I want to be able to route people on campus to the local streaming server and those off campus to the CDN.

I am using RTMP streaming, but am also moving into mobile streaming. I want to be able to route mobile devises to a mobile version of the website.

This is all over my head and I am needing someone to point me in the right direction. Should I be using PHP or something else? If so, got any pointers?

Seriously, any help is appreciated.

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I am no expert in this field, however it seems to me that you need some type of php to determine the ip address of the user to either use the local streaming server or the CDN. I believe a simple javascript can determine if a user is on a smart phone and redirect them accordingly. Or a more preferable option (in my opinion) is to make your website a responsive web design; that way you won't need a separate mobile version site.


Hopefully some one more qualified that I can give you a more thorough answer. :)

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use flash media server as streaming server

you can get the streaming video code from the strobe media player

embed it in your html or php or wp file

thats it

use the rtmp stream to watch it on android or ios as the flash media player is not avilable for default browser fo android

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