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I am curious about the current state or trend of web design. I've been working with web design for more than 10 years now and I've noticed a huge revolution of what is considered web design nowadays. I've talked about this with a few people and noticed how much things are changing.


Do you still get those jobs as web designer in spite of more and more people using Wordpress or similar apps to do their work themselves by using a theme or modify a theme? What areas of web design do people still need hiring for? The simplicity of just using raw html code is sort of fading into background and more focused on web apps (Wordpress, Blogger, etc.) or web services such as social networking (Twitter, etc.) or free web hosts that provide variety of layouts that people can choose from (website in a box). I'm not including web programming or web development because they're not considered "design" work. I'm also aware of the popularity of web templates and interface design which are still in use today for those who cannot come up with elegant designs using complicated CSS.


I'd love to hear from you because I'm wondering if web design will continue into the future and evolve into what? :)

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I'm not a 'designer' but work with designers as a front end developer... The role of design will always be the same which is closely related with communicating a message. There is a definite drive toward social connections and almost all of the sites I've developed for other designers in the last six months have social media messages as part of the design. Because there are many options and services to communicate a message, a clients primary site will become a center for all of these. What I mean is, more sites have links to their twitter, linkedin.com, and facebook pages and include feeds from their twitter timeline, wordpress blog articles, and other services. All the while communicating the primary purpose of the site in the primary viewing area of the site.

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