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Found 1 result

  1. saversites

    Php's Blocking Functions

    Php Pros, I want to run a public web proxy. But first, I need to add some security measures to prevent anyone from the public abusing my proxy server. I need to add some php functions in the proxy script to prevent a few types of behaviour by the users. If you check the proxy then you will see it hardly has any admin panel nor any features to block uploads or downloads or streamings. That is why I must add my own after learning the required functions. I need the name of the functions I need to look into and learn. Hence, asking the pros here to provide me with the list of required functions. And so, it is still a php question. github.com/joshdick/miniProxy/blob/master/miniProxy.php QUESTIONS Q1. What is that php function that blocks downloads like file downloads ? (That should prevent anyone downloading malware/viruses, etc. using my proxy). Q2. What is that php function that blocks uploads, like file uploads ? (That should prevent anyone uploading malware/viruses, etc. using my proxy). Q3. What is that php function that blocks audio/video streaming (downloading) ? (That should prevent anyone viewing video streams using my proxy and clogging the server down). Q4. What is that php function that blocks audio/video streaming (uploading) ? (That should prevent anyone uploading viruses infected video files, etc. using my proxy). Q5. And, what is that php function that prevents the user's browser from playing any audio/video files on a website ? Eg. Prevent playing youtube vids, vimeo vids, metacafe vids, clickbank vids, etc. ? Q6. And, what is that php function that records bandwidth usage (uploads & downloads and audio & video streaming) ? (I might aswell give each account just enough data limit for them to browse text pages only. Not give enough limit to them to view or listen to audio/video pages (like youtube vid pages)). Q7. Any other features to add to prevent anyone abusing my public proxy service ? If so, which php functions should I use to add them ? Thank you for your precious time & energy answering my questions.