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  1. Ah right I see that you can add opacity as a property directly after an RGB color, thanks for help with this folks, I've learnt a lot
  2. Your absolutely right there sir, the thought came to me not so long ago. Much appreciated
  3. Do you see the white backgrounds in IE? Not sure where I've mentioned IE is working fine? I stated that all browsers "bar" IE render my code perfectly. I'm running OSX 10.6.8 with IE running on VirtualBox and I've also checked it on a Windows XP pro machine. Thanks for helping with this.
  4. Apologies. If you view the two links in Safari, Chrome etc.. you should see the white containers. Here are some screen shots anyway, hope this helps.
  5. Hello Hello, first post here from an official beginner! I have made every effort to find out why I have this problem beforehand, had a reasonable search through this forum, google etc, but just can't seem to find the answer. I may not be wording things correctly, I just don't know, hope you guys can help. If I have missed something obvious in terms of a Google search or general programming then I'll trust you'll point this out Problem: I am putting a site together with several containers with white backgrounds. All browsers bar IE (all versions I think), render my code perfectly. In IE for some reason the white backgrounds disappear. I've tried using different colour formats as well as removing all but one container, but no no avail. Don't know what else to say really as this is my first post. http://www.datacablingwales.co.uk/DC2/index http://www.datacablingwales.co.uk/DC2/about_us (this is the page where I have removed all but the main container that comes below the menu) Many thanks
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