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  1. css means cascading style sheet and The latest version of CSS is the CSS3 version which basically differs from CSS2 in the incorporation of Modules and other changes. Modules enable the designing to be done in a lesser time with more ease while updating individual features and specifications. The CSS3 version supports many more browsers than CSS2, but be sure to test it on all operating systems and browsers.

    Other major changes/additions include:


    * New Combinator

    * New CSS Selectors

    * New Pseudo-elements

    * New Style properties

  2. In the old days, we depend a lot of on developers and programmers to help update the website, even when it’s just a minor one. Thanks to the CSS and it’s flexibility, styles can be extract independently away from the codes. Now, with some basic understanding of CSS, even a novice can easily change the style of a website.

    1.Use reset.css

    2.Use Shorthand CSS

    3.Understanding Class and ID

    4.Power of <li>

    5.Forget <table>, try <div>

    6.CSS Debugging Tools

  3. try this one :



    <img id="robAtGreenfields" src="Rob_at_Greenfields.jpg" alt="Rob at Greenfields" width="342" height="514"

    style="border: 3px outset gray;">

    <figcaption style="clear: left;margin: .75em 0;text-align: center;font-style: italic;line-height: 1.5em;"

    <br/>>I am an IT expert, but I want to be a rock star!

    <br>Image courtesy of <a href="http://www.christopp.ca/home.htm">Chris Topp Photography</a></figcaption>


  4. grabenair :


    You need what is called responsive web design. Google it to get more info. But here is the short version. You add a style sheet and link it in your header or add some css to the bottom of your style sheet. If you add a style sheet in the header make sure it is under the main css.


    Here is what you do if adding to the bottom of your css write this line of code. This is called a media query.


    @media (max-device-width: 320px) {

    Your new css rules here. They will only apply to media that is 320 px and under in width. You can change the 320px to anything that you want. What you do is change the size of your stuff to fit. Like content from 960px to 315px.




    am agree with your answer.


    thank you.

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