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  1. Hi Folks,


    We have one thick client app, which is based on GANTT chart and most of the actions are performed using Drag and Drop by inspecting the data in various forms.


    We are trying to build webApp (thin client) for the same with the complete functionality. This is like creating a new website.


    We are at crossroads regards the following :


    1) Usage : Existing users are accustomed to one type of usage for the thick client app. Should we change usage based on the latest trends in usability?


    2) Traditional Vs Native : In traditional web-apps, we allow only the form to be opened once. When user clicks on new data the existing (opened form) is populated with new data. But in our application the user sometimes (hmm…. most of the times) require to see/compare the data of two same kind-of-forms. Should we allow the user to pop-up as many instances of the forms as possible …….. or ……. Should we ask them to adopt to some other new standard strategy (opening the forms like tabs)




    Do we need to create a thin client replica of the exisiting app ? (where usage remains same)




    Should we go ahead and make some changes (which might probably be used in the near future for most of the apps) and ask the user, to use it new way?




    Let me know your comments.


    Also please let me know if you have any good resources for the drag and drop apps.







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