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  1. .Republicans { position: absolute; Margin-left:0%; Margin-right: 100% }
  2. Or you can build websites based on your other interest.
  3. Exactly. I'll give you an example. I once designed a webpage for a TV that I made up in my head (you know, for practice). I designed the site itself with CSS. But I used tables to display pictures of the characters and their bio beside their pics.
  4. Well basically, I have my own web design blog (I will not post the link here). But anyway, for some reason, I'm always getting bashed by the "professionals" because I use Wordpress themes, and because I'm "terrible designer". For example Seems like the professional graphic designers either have forgotten that they were at my level at one point, don't know what constructive criticism is, or both. Has anyone else have any similar experiences? Sidenote: My blog used to be my portfolio.
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