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  1. I had an update wipe out a lot of changes that caused a whole lot of extra work. But I don't want to rush into a child theme. I even lost complete pages in that update, pages that were not in the nav links because I only let select people see them by sending them a link, such as in the case of a resume that I did not want public. So far I have only used Weaver II, and the 20xx themes. Are these good ones with which to use child themes? I need to establish child themes for sites and it must be a free framework. Tentatively looking at Pagelines DMS and Whiteboard. What about Gantry, and
  2. Thank you Ben and Eddie. I am sorry for being so dense about this stuff. I get intimidated because I don't know where to find things until it suddenly dawns on me. Nothing about this stuff ever seem logical to me. But, you both had the right solution, all I had to do was find the darn css which I finally did and bingo it works perfectly! Thank you both again.
  3. Regarding the word-wrap code referenced in my original post above, in the Weaver theme when you open style.css in the editor it says not to edit there but to place code in the <HEAD> section of Advanced Options between the <Style> tags. I placed the wrap code there but there is no difference, still no wrap. I did this before on TGS site and had no problem, wraps fine without any code insertions or modifications. Also, on TGS site I can drag the images in content area and the text will adjust, but in Sailing site cannot move the images at all. As for the slideshow pos
  4. The site being worked on is here. The Meteor Slideshow will not center on the page, neither using the Meteor shortcode nor the page alignments nor both. The text below the slideshow will not wrap correctly around images. Note the third image and see how the text breaks from one line to the next in order to wrap. There should be no line break. The Important Theme Code shown at http://codex.wordpress.org/Wrapping_Text_Around_Images is suggested to solve these problems. Do you agree? Is there a better way? If I use the code shown, where in the style.css should it be inserted? Thank you!
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