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  1. Aight that's good enough! Thanks Andrea
  2. Yes, sort of. After I posted that I realized that wordpress.com and wordpress.org are two different things which cleared some things up. I understand what everyone uses it for now, which makes sense. But could you explain how you do that? All the information I've read on it just seems foggy. I'm not sure how to word it. Um.. So, lets just say I have a site ready for a client.. but i wanted to do what you're talking about, and have it where they can go in and update the content later on if they need to instead of calling on me. Is it wordpress itself that does that? Or are plug-in's needed? Basically.. do you know any links that explains how you interpret wordpress into your workflow. Or how to use wordpress as a tool in general? You did help a lot on clearing up WHAT it was used for. That makes a lot more sense lol.
  3. I've been seeing wordpress everywhere I look. So how does it come in to play? I downloaded it, and I don't think you guys are talking about blogging . I see a lot of people talking about layouts. Although I went and downloaded a theme and opened up the CSS file. I mean is this what every one uses it for? Or is it more for the PHP or what? I'm confused. I mean wouldn't it be better to design your own layout and look, rather than just create a html page and link a pre-made stylesheet to it? Please shed some light on what everyone uses wordpress for and maybe a link to get me in the right direction. -Kevin
  4. Thanks Andrea I appreciate it.
  5. So i know i've been bugging about javascript for the past few days.. Please forgive me. I did some digging, and it actually looks like I should start with PHP after HTML & CSS.. Do you guys have any good starting points for me? Any good books or maybe websites? I know nothing about it and I'm looking for a fresh start.
  6. Alright, thanks for the tip! I'll keep that in mind as I'm relatively new and won't establish clients for a little bit.
  7. I think I'm ready to start learning JavaScript. I was wondering if there are any preferred books I could read? Or any good sites? I would like to start slow obviously instead of reading things that would be way over my head. Anything would be great! p.s. Or am i going in the wrong direction after learning HTML and CSS, should I move on to PHP instead of JavaScript? If so, then the questions from above apply to PHP, or whatever the next step may be. -Kevin
  8. Thanks! I'll try illustrator. I know in photoshop you can't specify pixels, you have to use the info tab. And if i'm not mistaking, illustrator is the same way. I could be wrong though. I'm gonna take the time to read you guy's links. I appreciate them!
  9. Thanks! I have a 960 grid, but i really like the 970 grid. thanks for the links.
  10. What tool's do you guys use for wireframes? At the moment i am drawing on notebook paper. I was just wondering if there is recommended tools for this?
  11. Ha yeah i realized that once i clicked on the link. And that is more of the type of answer i was looking for. Thanks!
  12. I have dreamweaver but I see a lot of people looking down on it. I also downloaded the Coda demo, and the Espresso demo. Also when i said photoshop I did mean using it strictly for design effects. Such as gradients and such. It's just confusing on how to cut it all up and getting everything the right size and in sync with the markup. I'll check your link out although i haven't started on javascript yet. I was a graphic designer and recently switched to web design which i'm really interested in, so i'm pretty efficient in photoshop and illustrator. Just making it clear that i'm not a COMPLETE noob lol, just when it comes to web design. Thank you again for replying so fast to my questions and I appreciate the information man.
  13. Thanks for the information and for getting back to me so soon. That just about summed everything up! I appreciate it.
  14. SO... Here's the million dollar question. In design, do i use CSS3, or Photoshop? I'm fairly new to web design. I've read "Head First XHTML and CSS" which is somewhat outdated since it stops at XHTML and i see a lot of HTML5 and CSS3. I don't know if it's just because i'm new, but it seems like using photoshop to make layouts is VERY tedious and time consuming. Especially since i dont know how to do that yet. I've also seen that CSS3's properties allows you to do a lot more design such as rounded corners, gradients, etc. And then of there is Fireworks which i have zero knowledge of how to use it. So basically since I haven't learned any of these, which would benefit me the most? Should I not worry with photoshop since apparently CSS3 can do it? Or is CSS3 still not as good as photoshop? Also, if you know any recourses that could help me on this, please let me know. (books, sites, tutorials) Anything is greatly appreciated. -Kevin
  15. Hi, i'm relatively new to web design. I have already read one book, which is a little outdated. I'm am about to start on javascript soon. Anyways, I was wondering if there is some sort of template or setup you use when coding a page as far as divs go. They seem to be confusing once you get a lot of them in the code. Do you have more than one wrapper div? (ex. 1 around the heading div, 1 around the main content div, ect.) or do you just have one wrapper/container div around all the content? It's hard to get out what exactly i'm trying to say lol. Also, on the float property, is it, or positioning better for layouts? One more question, I've seen where some people use ul and li for layout instead of using them for actual list. Is that a good technique? or just bad practice? Can someone shed some light on this? If it is a decent technique can someone explain to me how i would use that for layout? I appreciate any answers i get! Sorry i have so many questions.
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