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  1. Thanks Andrea for the prompt response!but honestly wikipedia is too vast...I was looking for something that can help me decide fast.In the meantime I came across something useful while surfing (googling actually) and it sounds pretty convincing too....I am sharing the same: Both open source and closed source software are far from perfect. If you are new to computers then closed source software is probably for you, as the cost of training and getting yourself competent will exceed getting the cost of buying easier to use software. The support offered by closed source companies tends to be better than its open source competitors. There are companies that offer paid support for open source software. On the other hand, open source software is catching up quickly with its closed source counterparts. Some versions or distributions of Linux can be installed completely without having to touch a keyboard and projects are currently running to improve the documentation available for open source software. Also as overall computer literacy improves as computers become more pervasive, open source software will become more appealing. The abilities and friendliness of open and closed source software are merging, and the real showdown will happen in five to ten years when the only real difference between the two classes will be the cost.
  2. Hello folks, The little understanding I have about the two types of software is: closed source is any software product to which a normal end user has no view into the source code of the product. Open source software is any piece of software where a normal end user is granted a full view into the source code and has the option to modify this code for his or her own purpose. Closed source software The biggest downside of closed source software is that you have no idea how it was made. You must accept the word of a software vendor for the quality of their own product. Open source software The biggest downside of open source software is all the clueless fanatics supporting the cause. The upside is, if you have the skill and time, you have an excellent view into each and every aspect of how the application works. Any suggestions? Thanks, James!
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