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  1. As usual Ben you are an endless wealth of knowledge. Thanks for the clarification.
  2. Ok I am officially frustrated . For the last three days I have been stuck on Video 7 of the Basics of PHP. I was able to follow the video and understand everything that was being said. Unfortunately I have not been able to duplicate the results in the video with the results on my local machine. I will start by posting the code that I hand typed using MS Notepad. <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd"> <html> <head> <meta http-equiv'"Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> <title>Boston Virtual ATC Share the Cockpit</title> </head> <body> <?php print "Hello World."; print "I am learning this so that these first steps become the future of the STC Web Site."; ?> </body> </html> Ok in the video Steph stops and talks about projects that you see on the local host page. I have been trying to get the strings to display on the page, but all I get is either a display of the txt doc or a blank white page. I know that I am close because the meta data appears on the browser tab, however I am not actually able to get the thing to display. Now I did notice in the video that Steph never discusses how to save the txt document so that it will display as a web page and he is also using Dreamweaver. So far I have tried saving the document as a txt format, which returns the txt display, when I save the document as an html, all I get is a blank page. What am I missing here. I would like to move on past video 7 and continue on but I'm not willing to do so until I can get the same results on my computer that the video is displaying. Any help here is appriciated.
  3. You are absolutely correct Ben. I'm sure that this one will be simple for you. While going through Video 7, I was actually typing out the same code that was on the video making slight alteratioins in the strings (sorry , the whole Hello World thing is worn out). So about mid way through the video (around 8 min 33 sec on the timeline) Steph starts going into the Projects Files which I found, however mine were empty as I had not yet created any files. I created a file, and saved the .txt document that I was working on as the video played to that file. The file showed up under my projects. However Steph never explained how to view the txt document that you were working on. I thought that this might be as simple as clicking in the document, alas the page is still showing up as a txt document. I assume that I have simply saved it or stored it incorrectly. Any ideas? If you would like me to post the code I will be more than happy to.
  4. *Facepalm* I am such an idot. I think I'm getting somewhere now. I was typing in http://localhost . When I added :81 I immediately got the WAMP page. It looks different than the one in the video, but I'm pretty sure that this is what I'm after. So I think that this one is wrapped up. Sort of...... Many thanks to Ben for all his help to date . I really appriciate the guidance.
  5. Working on getting these first steps in the Basics videos to work on my machine

  6. Working on getting these first steps in the Basics videos to work on my machine

  7. Working on getting these first steps in the Basics videos to work on my machine

  8. Ok, well thanks to your help Ben I was able to find the needed information and make the changes that were called for in the link that you directed me too. I actually did not attempt to change the Skype settings as I would have lost the current connection and I have be recieving this file for more than 4 hours. After making the changes to the files for Port 81 I did see some success. My WAMP Icon in the system tray is now green and the "Start/Resume Service" option is subdued and the "Stop Service" is now visable; so deffinate progress there, so thanks for that. I'm still trying to figure out these basic items that seem like they should be pretty straight forward. While the Wamp Icon is green I'm still getting the HTTP 404 Not Found Error. Although I still consider this to be progress since previously it said Unable to Display Web Page, it now says that the web page cannot be found. Not sure if this is deffinative progress, but I'm sure that it is still a step in the right direction. My thought (and I could be wrong here) is that there is still a configuratioin issue at hand that I'm not picking up on. Could it be that its simply not looking in the right place? It almost seems that its not finding the index. I went back through the video 4 in the PHP Basics file and I noticed a difference in the installation. In the video it asked Steph specifically where the idex was; yet during my installation it did not do that, it only asked me what my default browser was. Could this be at the heart of the problem that I am having. I am eager to move on thorugh the video series but I want to make sure that I am getting the same results on my machine that Steph is getting in the video. Since I am not willing to pay for a web hosting account until I have the web site at least 70% finished, running it on my own machine is the only option that I have for testing and development. If I haven't said it yet, I want to thank you for all the help that you are giving me. Even though its slow, I still feel like I'm learning something.
  9. Ben thanks for the help, again...... I know I must sound like a royal pain but I really appriciate all the help. The link that you sent me to had pretty straight forward instructions. However yet again I think I'm missing something. I was able to accomplish steps 1 - 3. However when I tried to accomplish steps 4 - 7 I hit two snags. First, in my WAMP root folder I was unable to locate the "wampmanager.ini" file, it simply isn't there. I thought that maybe it was stored in another location, but I didn't see it in any of the other files. I have 4 individual "wampmanager" files in the root WAMP file. One is a CONF File, one is an application, another is Configuration Settings and the last is the TPL file. When I couldn't find the ini file I thought that maybe this was just an update vs an old post situation, so I skipped ahead to step 7. Here I was unable to find the local host parameters lines. There are many headings such as [services], [Messages], [startupaction] and the like. It is entirely possible that because of my inexperiance here I am just missing it because I don't know where to look. Any direction that you can provide here is appriciated.
  10. Ben as always I appriciate your input and all your great help. Ok so now that I have been able to turn on the services and Put Online I'm now getting an error "Unable to display web page". I did some exploring and noticed that no matter what I do, on Apache the "Start/ Resume Service" option is always visible instead of subdued. I tried the "Test Port 80" function and found that it is being used by Skype. Is there a way that I can change the port that Apache or Skype uses? Because of the work that I do for my online community (which is really why I'm learning all this) my Skype is critical to what I do, but then again so is the web site that I am trying to develop. So I guess what I'm asking is how do I mannage my ports so that I don't loose anything and still come out with all my services working. Allow me to take a moment to inqure XAMPP. I toyed around with this program briefly when I started working with MySQL (which lead me here). I like to keep my options open. If I install XAMPP on my computer will it cause a conflict with WAMP? Furthermore, if you had to choose one or the other; which would you most recomend. Keep in mind that my top priority is efficency.
  11. Ok so I am noticing my first issue. I have installed WAMP and have been running through the steps as the video plays. During the explination of WAMP I opened my www folder and instead of having all of the folders and documents that are in the video show up in the folder I only have two. index & testmysql . In addition I can't seem to get wamp to start. When I type in the address into my browser I get the Error 404. I have tried starting the services with no success. Any help here is appriciated.
  12. Thanks for the help Ben, WAMP is installed. I'll keep further questioins limited to this thread. I'm sure that I'm going to have them as I go.
  13. Thanks Ben, I found that. Now in the video I am seeing WAMP Sever 5. The one on the web page is 2.1. Am I missing something or is this the most up to date?
  14. I am wondering if anyone can point me to a valid WAMP download page. http://www.wampserver.com/ is the only thing that I can find and its in like French or something. I am looking for the same WAMP 5 Server that is shown on Video 3 of the PHP basics videos. I've conducted several searches and I keep coming up with the same thing. I would like to make sure that I am understanding this materal properly and would like to do the majority of testing on my local machine vs spending the money on a web server and burning time on that server trying to learn. Any advice here is helpful.
  15. Actually I did inadvertently miss organize them. I am now correcting the issue and getting things structured better. I doubt that I will have time tonight to really get started on watching the videos, but at least I have found the problem and am getting things in a better order. Thanks so much for the help.
  16. Trying to figure out how to organize all this content.

  17. Greetings to everyone on KillerSites Community. I'm thrilled to be learning a new skill and look forward to getting to know some of you.

  18. Greetings All, My name is Vince and this is my first post here. As such I have a very important question. How do you organize all this content? I bought the total web designers package and after two hours of downloading I have to say that I'm impressed with the amount of content. However that being said I am a little confused and hoping that someone can help me get organized. The "Start Here" txt document that I downloaded has a suggested order of play that I intend to follow to help reduce confusion. However after unpacking everything and organizing like titles into single folders I think that I may have missed something. In PHP Basics I have 3 folders. Basics 1, 2, & 3. In Basics 1 I only had two videos. Then in PHP basics 2 there is only one video and its "09_variables_part_2". Did I miss something? Where is variables part 1? I don't want to miss anything and would like to follow the program the way it was intended. I am considering placing all videos into a single folder and attempting to go through them in that order, but I have no frame work from which to base the order of viewing from. Can someone tell me if there is a master chronological order that exists out there somewhere? I am very eager to get started and am considering taking a few days off from work to study, but I want to make sure that I am getting all this right before I do, and to do that I need some kind of flow plan. Any help here would be useful. BTW, I will be updating my profile today with my contact information including my Skype Data, so if you have information for me it will be very easy to find me.
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