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  1. You probably should send an email to stefan [at] killersites.com. He handles support requests, and he should be able to help you. (http://killervideostore.com/contact.php)


    IDM is a download manager, correct? I believe that before a user is able to download a video, the system checks that the user is logged in and is authorized to view the videos. If you try to download the videos through an external download manager, the system may not be able to check if you are authorized, and thus won't allow the download. Just a guess on my part, I'm not entirely sure.


    I can only download one file per one login, and there are more than 50 files and the logins are just 24, please do any thing to let me download the videos, if you can add more logins...


    + please talk to Stefan

  2. Hello,


    I use FireFox, when I click on a link, a download starts, but the problem is when I go to download an other link, the new download never starts + the video store doesn't work !!!

    and if I switch to IE, The video store works fine

    the problem is that every time I login, I get (-1) so I will never be able to download all the videos


    please fix this problem please I need the videos


    remark: I use IDM to download the videos !

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