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  1. You can make a favicon with MS Paint (Yeah I know, *puke* but still . . ) Just save the 40px by 40px design with a ".ico" extension. Or you can use "Easy Icon Maker" that’s what I use. -Just be sure to name the file "favicon.ico"


    favicon’s are saved in the root directory and get picked up by the browser automatically. Some people put code in the header HTML, but most times it just cock's things up.


    - Abai.

  2. Thanks very much for the reply! I’m much more at ease. I certainly hope that’s the case though :/ There are currently 13000+ members using a free group service, and this new thing will replace that, so I wouldn’t want to put their personal details or the site-itself in jeopardy by not making sure it was as secure as possible.


    (Seriously wicked site you’ve got BTW, the design is great!)



  3. Hey there Stefan, sort of a question pointed to you, I am creating a site using WordPress as its CMS and within that will also be a phpBB Forum - using the same SQL Database. It seems like it will be very vulnerable to Php\SQL injection attacks.


    Do you have any tips or “best practices” for me to use that will lessen how vulnerable the site might be.


    One thing I must ask with the above, how would I add Hash Function on the Data? I assume that only works for MySQL queries, will I be able to use it for the phpBB and WordPress users and site safety?


    (I am still very much new to PHP and coding; all I know is self-taught, so some of the things discussed here: http://php.net/manual/en/security.database.sql-injection.php are a bit beyond me, like how I would implement the techniques etc.)



  4. I have seen several people usually newbies ask a question to have it answered by "advanced members" in a rude and unfriendly manner. They question why the question is being asked (that's happened to me also) and you can feel how defensive they become. I've seen one woman made to look stupid and her work picked to pieces and in the end said she wouldn't be back again.


    Being rude isn’t good at all, but at the same time, most beginner questions can be answered by them looking through the older posts or just using Google. So I can understand the frustration from the Adv Members who have seen the same question 100+ times.



  5. lol, I think that is more what she was hinting at.


    I did get the 50% upfront, but it’s not really about the money, Since I’m still new, it’s nice to have a good collection of sites to show on the portfolio of my site, just to assure new visitors and potential customers I am genuine and trustworthy when It comes to the design and hosting of sites.


    She seems to be coming-round though, probably just cold feet. ^_^



  6. I am a relatively new designer and absolutely new at running my own business, I have only been around for about 5 months now; I’ve managed so far to get a good intial client base. Recently though, one of my clients- who was very excited and happy about updating and changing her very old website has gotten cold feet and wanted to postpone the change-over for over two months.


    I was able to convince her that the change would be for the best, most specifically since the design is over 4 years old and uses table-layout not CSS, and is static, whereas the site I am designing used WordPress as its CMS.


    It’s not a big deal or anything, but I’ve definitely lost the enthusiasm I had for this client and her website, has anyone else had any similar experiences?



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