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  1. They are both the same page 2Colum...Should they not both be pointing to the same page? Still confused as to which buttons I am incorrectly htting...? Sorry...just slow. Must stay focused. Too many things going on. Regards fish
  2. Hello, Anyone happen to know which Dreamweaver html/css videos deal with 1. Menu Bars 2. uploading edited pages? On #2 - I believe I could have saved much hassle by just doing the changes on the original page thereby avoiding the need to change the MENU name.(A major headache.) Regards Fish
  3. I played with it in different ways. But still having problems navigating from OUR MISSION to CHEF DIPLOMA COURSE.Both are the same page. All the other links are working OK. Needless to say, I am not fluent in html/css. I will have to go back and correct all the gramatical errors. Many more videos to view. Regards Fish
  4. Hello fellow travelers, I solved my dilemma of creating the fabulous multi-column webpage. Would you believe? Thanks to the tutorials found in the Video Library – specifically as found in the Dreamweaver CS3 Section and the assistance of Administrator and others. Now comes part II of the puzzle. I have been trying numerous ways of having the revised 2 column page that I created for the page as shown on the top MENU – Chef Diploma Course – uploaded on to the site – www.tokyo-sushi-chef-institute.com . I replaced the original - chefDiplomaCourse.html with - 2ColumChefDiplomaCourse.html - on the CODE SECTIONS of all the pages including the LIBRARY asset. (I kept the wording 2ColumChefDiplomaCourse.html because correcting the misspelling would have added untol misery.) ec I was able to log on to the HOME page OK. But then I got PAGE ERROR message when trying to log on to all the other pages. Anyone know which buttons I mistakenly pressed…I wonder? Regards fish
  5. Hello Admin, Can a short written version of the MX Template making steps be made available? Does anyone know the steps to follow? I believe this will solve my problem without spending endless hours trying to figure things out. rk
  6. Hello Admin, Spent some time going over many of the tutorials found in the Library. Very interesting. There is the Beginners Dreamweaver Video (which I purchased). This does not cover the templates that MX has available. Is there a video tutorial somewhere on how to use these MX templates? This will save me a lot of time. I did study the Dreamweaver CS3 Template tutorial. Gives all the buttons to push. But the format is different from the MX. I need the MX protocol. Is there a video somewhere that gives the MX template tutorial? Regards rk
  7. Hello Guys, Well, I decided to spend more money. I subscribed to the KS Library of tutorials. Can someone please tell which of the videos deals specifically with building a 3 column webpage. What buttons to press... I have access to Dreamweaver MX but all I really need is the html/css language sequence. Regards rk
  8. Hello Admin, Is this new video set How to Build Websites.com available in the Tutorial library? regards rk
  9. Hello Admin, Thanks again for your input. Question Does the video http://how-to-build-websites.com show which buttons to press to create a 3 column page? I already purchased 2 of Stephans video course: Basic Dreamweave MX and the Basic Web Design Course KWD Notepad series. In his KWD video #5 video set he gets into the two column positioning: #navigation and #centerDoc But stops there. Clearly, after reviewing the videos I will have to go back and reconfigure my pages using primarily the html/css codes. I am slowly getting used to using the html/css language. Like learning any other language it takes time to get acclimated. If I were to buy another set of video, How to Buid Websites.com, will this include How to Build a 3 Column page? I thought the previous two video courses would have covered it. But fell short. Please advise. If this How to Build Websites.com covers 3 column webpages, then I will buy it. But if you would, please confirm. Thanks Regards rk
  10. Hello, I was experimenting with the CSS templates within the Dreamweaver program. Then I tried to connect to the host by clicking on the the icon that has the two wired plugs. When I pressed on it the saw the following statement in retangle box: "An ETP error occured - cannot make connection to host. Dreamweaver encountered an inernal data error. Please try the operation again" Well, I tried again several time. Still could not connection. Anyone know how I can connect to the host? Regards rk
  11. Hello, Anyone know of a tutorial on how to creae a 3-column page using Dreamweaver MX? I already have two of Sephan's beginner's videos. But it's not covered. Regards rk
  12. Hello Wickham, You have an interesting offer. As you know I am in the process of creating my website using Dreamweaver MX: www.tokyo-sushi-chef-institute.com Currently all the pages are in 1 column format. But I need to add more content on each page thus my need to create 3 columns per page. Do you have a quick and easy method of creating a 3 column page? I am trying to do it within Dreamweaver MX but these folks do not provide a proper tutorial for their own product. Regards rk
  13. Hello, Actually, I just found it. I did some playing with the toolbar...What can I say? Impatient? Regards
  14. Hello, I have been using Dreamweaver MX for a few weeks now. I was able to create a basic website with the help of Stephan's tutorials and participants of this forum. I opened my Dreamweaver today and found that the COMMON bar located on the top left corner of the screen disappeared. Does anyone know how to bring that function back up. There is the COMMON function and some others. Can't do anything without it. Regards rk
  15. Hello falkencreative Appreciate your feedback. Still trying to figure it out... I notice that Dreamweaver MX has these ready made 3 colum templates with html imbedded. I wonder if it I were to delete the text html codes and inserted my own, would it still work? I can input my own content. I, however, the 3 column template divisions to organize my content. Regards rk
  16. Hello, I finally completed my core pages. Simple one column pages. Basic re: www.tokyo-sushi-chef-institute.com Now, I am ready to add more content to each page. The only way that could be done is by adding more columns. I use the Dreamweaver MX CSS Stylesheet within it I used the Frameset Fixed Top, Nested Right I filled out the page but I am trying to figure out which buttons to push to transfer it over to the Files box to the right which would enable me to upload it to the Internet. Anyone know of tutorial dealing with using 2 -3 column Dreamweaver templates? Regards rk
  17. Hello Andrea, I guess you are into web designs. Do you do forms? Regards rk
  18. Hello Wickham, Thanks for the reply and the options you provide. Very interesting. I like the DONATE option of payment. I joined a hosting company that is starting nickle and dime to death. Do you do these FORMS? Regards seafoodcuisine
  19. Hello, I am trying to improve the look of my MENU (Horizontal Navigation Bar Re: www.tokyo-sushi-chef-institute.com I found an interesting MENU in the following website and wanted to create a variation of it Link: http://www.cordonbleu.edu/ I am thinking it is an html/css created Menu. Probably using a one row TABLE with several blocks would be the way to go, placing the link words in each block. Any expert opinions I wonder…? Regards rk
  20. Hello, I created a form website: Link: http://www.tokyo-sushi-chef-institute.com/inquire.html Using Dreamweave MX. Looks nice. But I was told by the tech support folks at the hosting company that I must include the PHP script with the html codes in order to make this for work. Anyone know where I can find PHP scripts to include with the html codes to activate this form once it is up? Regards Rk
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