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  1. hi to all, this may be silly but i can't solve it. Here's the thing: i just create a simple plugin and i put an # to the settings via this add_action() and it adds my li in the settings after i activated the plugin. when i clicked my plugins setings i get the following error message You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page. what should i do?? thank you in advance
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    zend framework

    Hi to all. I really need some help with this. I can't set up zend framework, is any good tutorial or screencast? do i have to do changes in Apache server too? thank you in advannce
  3. and when you add the new page you can check if this is the page you want to display with the <?php if (is_page("yournewpage"))?> tag to show different content
  4. Hi to all. i want to do a general question. so let's say i have 4-5 pages and in one of them i want to display something different than posts. my question is it a good technique to add my own tables in wordpress database so i can extract from these tables the data??? thank you!!
  5. Hey to all! As the title says i want to build an online store. What cms do you suggest?? Is the wordpress plugin a good one? i mean secure and payment method. I was told about osCommerse but i couldn't find any documentation.. Anyway i need some help here Thank you in advance!
  6. ok,i solved it! thanks!
  7. I just create a theme fro wordpress but in the admin section the widgets do not exist as it shows the pic. what should i do in order to make them available???
  8. hi again! i'll not create a new post because i want to something about wordpress. i think i read a post thai it said stefan is about to publish a book about wordpress. When is it going to be ready??
  9. Thank you very much, I'll check it out
  10. They aren;t viewable because i haven't subscribe. and if i subscribe can i download them?
  11. Hi to all. Stefan i just saw the tutorial about Wordpress which i think is great and i recommend it. So that is the way to make dynamic sites,not just static pages. You desing your template as you did before and then you use the wordpress api to add content (text,images...) and that's it,really cool!! I also saw your blog about using wordpress to make all your sites. i 'll try for a couple to see hows it'll go. Also you said you would post some videos about wordpress 2.9.2. where can i find them? And lastly i want to buy the php series with the latest CRUD php you add,they arn't in the video store.is that possible? thank you in advance
  12. Yes, i am looking for a cms and then throw it in the site. i guess it wont need a lo of changes to adapt,something like CushyCMS. I'll check it out
  13. hi to all! I was thinking this. Joomla or drupal and the other cms is a complete site and admin tools,right? and then you can change css and stuff as you wish. Ok with that, cool! But all sites arent joomla or drupal or wordpress or... For example i just complete a site,handmade, so far so good. So i want to dynamically fill my site with photos and text. and i have my database with my own tables. So in order to do this dynamically i need cms, but since the site is handmade i have to built my own cms. Is that right?
  14. i was at killersites.com/univercity and i saw some videos, what plugin did you use for this pop up plugin for the videos. i guess it is jquery plugin...
  15. thank you, i will try netbeans. i forgot that. i used that when i did java
  16. I downloaded eclipse which has this autocomplete. but i cant find how to open previous projects which i did them with DW.... It also adds in the projects folder some other files like settings about eclipse. is that necessary?
  17. Hi to everyone. Here is my question: Is there any extension that it autocomplete your own code? Like viriables or functions name.. thank you in advance
  18. i think it has to do with your paging code. you must fetch your db and then write some code which do the paging, the query must have limit=1
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    Thanks a lot Stefan.
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    Thank you falkencreative. I'll check them out.
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    Hi to all! i just started to study oop php, i already know a lot about classes because i used to programming in c++ and java. So my question is: i want to see a complete example of a site which has built in oop php. not somethinh difficult, just to see how i have to work with oop. Any pdf or something? thank you in advance
  22. jquery,php,css,html.... and get a Mac :)

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