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    SSL protection

    Hi to all. Just i though about security issues. I believe that we should have ssl protection in the backend of our site whatever cms we use (custom or open source like wp). to built e-commerce sites or a site that has login area for members. I think this solves many problems since that makes difficult for a hacker to steal sensitive information What's your opinion??
  2. i see. So it's absolutely necessary. I'll keep it in mind
  3. dianikol85

    Form validation

    Hi to all. I want your opinion about this. You think nowdays where i dont think someone has javascript disable we shoud have validation both in php and in javascript? Is there a security matter by doing php validation?
  4. i found this piece of code but i can't think of a wau to fade out http://jsfiddle.net/5rkEw/
  5. Yes almost. I 'll keep search!!!
  6. Hi to all. I was serfing to the net and i find this site http://mobile.bebitalia.com/home.do. Really cool effect but it is written with scriptaculus. Any ideas achieve this with jquery??
  7. This is the old school ajax procedure. That's why the line mrAjax.open("GET", "ajax.txt", true); is there. I guess it's the routine. One thing i notice is that in the ajax.js you have document.getElementById("myDiv").innerHTML=xmlhttp.responseText; instead of document.getElementById("changeme").innerHTML=xmlhttp.responseText; About that alert box I think Ben is right putting it in if(mrAjax.readyState == 4..." section. Anyway i would suggest you learn ajax by using a library like jquery. It's so much easier
  8. Hi, i have a link in the php file which i want it to get clicked when the page has been load. I am using jquery. look the code $(document).ready(function(){ $("#pdf").trigger('click'); }); and this link <a href="http://www.google.com" id="pdf">Google</a> Any suggestions?
  9. Hi to all. I have a php page with some content in it. Is it possible to export it to pdf. Is it something like the excel prossedure where i just put a couple of headers and it's ok?
  10. dianikol85

    height problem

    Hi to all. This is the situation. I have this piece of hmtl <div id='wrap'> <div class='image'> <img src='images/1.jpg' /> </div> <div class='image'> <img src='images/2.jpg' /> </div> <div class='image'> <img src='images/3.jpg' /> </div> </div> what i need is that the height of the div#wrap must has the height of the inner div.image. I can't give a fixed value to the height because the div.image is going to have different height from time to time. So i need the div#wrap's height to asjust dynamically according to the div.image. For example: The images i will display today they all have height:100px; Tomorrow they will have 200px; and so on. How i should do it?? Tanks
  11. dianikol85

    google maps

    of course not from scratch. i guewss tthey use some api or something
  12. dianikol85

    google maps

    Hi to all. I recently asked from my boss to create somthing like this: http://www.xo.gr/maps/ At the left you see two text boxes where you put your start point and the estination point and then in the google map it shows you the the road you should follow in order to arrive to your destination. There are some other options too.Like if you use a regular car or a bus etc. What knowledge does this project requires and where i should start? p.s. : The country in the google map is Greece. if you want a example try to type A) Amaliada to Athens Thanks
  13. Hi to all! I have some select boxes that i need to style. The only problem is i don't how to change the right button css. Any tips for that??? Thanks!
  14. I see. So i have to save a cookie to the user browser or something like that
  15. Hi to the forum!! Which technique do i have to use in order to achieve a remember me checkbox in the login screen?? I have an idea by saving the ip of the user but many ISPs support dynamic IPs. What is the best practice to do that?? Thanks
  16. I guess you could a setter for all properties and one of each one if the program requires a setter for a particular property. It depends of your needs
  17. Thank you Susie. No worries! I'll keep searching... Maybe this is a chance for me to create my first plugin. Who knows... In the company i currently work, clients with big traffic blogs (especially newspaper blog sites) want the ability to charge a shop some money in order to place a banner with their logo and according a category in specific position within the wp theme. For example.let's say i run a high traffic blog and within it i have a category called "sports". Then a live shop which sells gymnastic equipment wants to add an advertising banner in the category "sports" because the shop and the category are relative with each other. The same thing if i have a "computer" category then a store which sells computer hardware wants to adds his logo banner in the "computer" category and so on. I hope the example makes sense.
  18. It's almost what i need. This one is only for headers and can be assigned only one per page/post. A vital issue that i need is that i have to add banners according to categories.
  19. Thank you Suzie. I'll check it out and will post back!
  20. Hi to all! So, let's say we have a client who wants to display some products. We have 3 categories: T-shirts, shorts and shoes. The client requests some banners in relation to the categories. For example if i view the T-shirts category i want to have the X banner, if I view the shoes category i want to have the Y banner and so on. Finally, if I view the home page I want to have the Z banner regardless the categories. I hope you understand what the problem is. I can't find a decent plugin for this particular request for wordpress. Any recommendations? Thanks P.S.: These banners are photos or flush content
  21. Thank you Ben. That's works. I had the width of #left_content equal to the #main_content, that's why the sidebar dropped into the other column. I just set the min-width 900px as you said. Thanks again!! I found the tutorial xD
  22. I uploaded the files here: http://www.easyjquery.gr/df Try to resize the window or change your resolution to see what will happen. The lang is greek, don't bother... By the way. Ben i saw some months ago in K.U. you did a two part video tutorial on how to do a horizontal menu but i can't find it now. Is it possible to send me the files somehow?? Thanks!
  23. Hi to all! i have an issue with width. i have a wrapper div and inside it to other divs. The first one is float:left, the second one float:right. I want the whole thing to be full width 100%. The issue is that when resize the browser window the second one fall upon the first one. I want to accomplish something like wordpress backend which is full width no matter the user's resolution but when you resize the window the divs in it stay put. What is the trick for this one?? Thanks!
  24. Navicat did the job. Actually is a great app. I'm gonna use it from now on..
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