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  1. Right now my site is hosted by Godaddy. I also use their website tonight package. Maybe not the best choice, but I am new, so cut me some slack.


    When I add a link to say FB or Twitter, it opens in the same window. Is there a piece of code to add in somewhere to have that link open in a new window? I have been looking on Godaddy, and so far have not found the answer. And to be honest, their "help" forums are horrible IMO.



  2. Just want to ask what is the best method for linking within a site. If it makes a difference at all.


    If my home page is mysite.com (index.html), and I wanted to make a contact us page. When I add a Contact Us link to the home page, would I only need to have the link as contactus.html, or would I be better served using the full URL, such as <a href="http://www.mysite.com/contactus">Contact Us</a>.


    I hope I explained that ok.



  3. I didn't think that sounded like spam at all. I have NVU loaded on my computer but haven't had the time to learn it. I had dreamweaver in the past, but when XP (i know that was awhile ago) came out my copy of dreamweaver did not upgrade. I wasn't doing web design during this period, so I didn't have to make a decision. Now that I'm building websites again, there are so many other options for doing web design. I currently do alot of sites on wordpress, but sometimes I need to build something from scratch. I talked to tech support and there are no upgrades for my version. 600.00 is alot of money to spend for some of us, and I took it as the other person does not have a copy yet. What I liked about dreamweaver was I could load all my templates in there, and use them in the future making my production go alot faster. I haven't found anything that gave me that feature, and I've been wondering if I need to invest in dreamweaver again if I'm going to be working full time as a web designer. Dreamweaver has a huge learning curve, and as the newer versions came out, it got harder and harder to learn, with hardly any tech support without payment. So, I also, would like to know if anyone has compared the two, and if they prefer one or the other. Thanks


    It was certainly not spam. Just trying to provide as much information as possible. Thank you. margaux25, for seeing that and replying with a useful post.


    I would love to buy dreamweaver, but it doesn't make much, if any, sense to drop that kind of money just to compare.


    As far as NVU goes, so far it's been fun playing with it. I am learning a lot and it is real simple to use. I'm sure it lacks some features as other programs, but free is free right? There are some sites out there that offer tutorials for it, and those have been helpful also.

  4. wow this has been very helpful. I am going through the CSS tutorial now. I am trying to understand something though. Perhaps I am just missing it.


    After I add code like this (in the



    #wrapper {

    margin: 0 auto;

    padding: 0;



    Do I also need to adjust the 0 to an actual margin amount? The tutorial shoes 15%, but I am just confused on how the code looks all together. When I think I do it correctly, I do not see it when I preview the page, which leads me to believe that I am missing something, somewhere.

  5. I hope I am able to explain this right...


    I am new to web design, and I am wondering how to create margins, or even a template to my site. I am using NVU, as it is a free web design software.


    When I publish my home page, it goes from one end of the browser to the other. I am wondering how to add, I guess, invisible margins, so that it does not go from end to end. Even looking at this forum, it looks like there is a 1-2 inch margin on either end.


    Thank you

  6. I just started using NVU, which is a free web design software. So far I like it. It's simple to use, and of course, the free part is great.


    Anyone else have any experience with this? What does it NOT do, in comparison to a program like Dreamweaver?

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