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  1. I don't know of any script that does what you're suggesting.  Most likely because using someone else video can get you into copyright trouble or get your Youtube account banned.


    However if you want to add other people's videos to your own channel you can as long as the video is creative commons.  You can learn more about that here.

  2. Looks like it will be done NOT using Wordpress. I found a guy that will do the parallax portion of the design but it would be nice to see a few tutorials that shows how to do different types of parallax. One (most we all know about) is scrolling but the others like pinned and then scroll, move in or out, scroll up then stop(pause) and then scroll again. fade in and out, and so forth...yeah I know it's a lot to ask but I am in no hurry now but it is something I like to know more about.


    Find example sites of what you're looking for and study the code; that usually works for me.

  3. I fixing to start on a small but important project that requires a couple of small parallax effects.  My question is how to tackle this in the proper order. Do I code the page so that it lays down for desktop first and then make it responsive before I even apply the parallax effects?


    Secondly, I think the client wants to use Wordpress. My thought is that I could use WP's default 2014 theme which is responsive. I could then apply the design to it and then add the parallax effects.


    What do you think? Suggestions?  I have already went thru a number of articles but I have to find one that gives you a guideline on what you should do first and then thereafter.


    Try cool kitten it is a parllax responsive framework that may help you, however I'm not sure how you would get the code into wordpress

  4. Hey Guys,


    Does anyone know of any websites similiar to www.google.com/fonts where I can just link a style sheet and start using new fonts?


    Or does anyone know how I can import photoshop fonts to css?


    I am kust trying to find nicer readable fonts for my sites other than Arial and the basics and trying to find unique fonts for headers.


    Any font information and knowledge would be much appreciated!:)


    Typekit will give you two fonts for free on one site; the paid versions offer you many more choices.


    Adobe Edge Web Fonts has the same setup as google web fonts; lots of free fonts to choose from.

  5. It looks fine to me; I'm using Opera 12.16 and it works fine. CSS3 user-select doesn't work in Opera mini however. You may want to add some prefixr to your code however to account for older browsers.




    label {

    cursor: pointer;


    -webkit-user-select: none;

    -moz-user-select: none;

    -ms-user-select: none;

    user-select: none;

    height: 30px;

    position: absolute;

    width: 40px;

    top: 0px;




    #content {

    display: block;

    clear: both;

    width: 100%;

    background-color: lightblue;

    padding: 8px;

    min-width: 90%;


    -webkit-box-sizing: box-border;

    -moz-box-sizing: box-border;

    -ms-box-sizing: box-border;

    box-sizing: box-border;


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