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  1. After all this work, I was disappointed with this plugin and the form.


    I need to be able to customize my form: to add more text boxes with various labels. I didn't find any way to do this with this plugin.


    But, I did a Google search for contact forms in general (not for Wordpress). And I found a great website with free forms and so easy to customize. And the form looks so nice! And all for free:




    After you develop your form they give you the code and you copy and paste into your web page. You actually see the form as you design it. So user friendly.


    Thank you for all of your assistance.




    Here you can see the form that I made:



  2. I was able to configure the plugin.


    I am getting stuck on some of the later steps:


    6. Once configured as much as you can, go to the "Write" page (link on the

    top menu) and click the "Write Page" link on the sub-menu. If using a

    default page template give it a name like "Contact Us" for example.


    Does this just mean: create a regular page to home your website form?



    7. Now go back to the "Configuration" page and add the URL of your newly-created

    form page. "Save" your changes.

    8. Now go to "Manage" (link on the top menu) and click on "Edit Pages"

    (link on the sub-menu). Then locate your contact page an click on the "Edit"

    link to the right of it.


    I don't find "Manage" anywhere.

  3. Well, as the saying goes: "If all else fails...read the instructions."


    So I see there is a text readme file with the unzipped file. So I read it.


    It says to upload /wp-gbcf/ using an ftp program.


    So I uploaded the unzipped file.


    It then says to change the permissions on the /wp-gbcf_themes/ file.


    I fail to find this file on my server. (I see it on my computer)


    I found a file titled: Themes


    I changed the permissions on that file to 666


    But as I expected, when I go to my dashboard -- the plugin doesn't show. My experience with Wordpress is it only recognizes plugins and themes that are uploaded through the dashboard - not through an ftp program.:o

  4. Thank you for all of your help.

    my thread: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/345871


    I don't understand your directions to unzip the plugin first. On my dashboard for uploading plugins it explicitly says to upload in zip format.

    I tried unzipping first -- but then their uploader would only take one file at a time -- which seems will fail.


    I don't think Wordpress recognized files uploaded through ftp.


    If you have other contact forms to suggest, I am open to them. I would like a form which is easily customizeable.

    It would be nice if I can format it.

    This one also says it informs you where the visitor came from (which I don't have to have - but it sounds nice)

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