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  1. I'm not sure what it's called, but how do I get an existing page to load on another page. I am making a photo gallery and I have 8 categories. I have all the html pages created for the: table of contents page and each individual photo page. ( I made it with a Jalbum) What I want to do is have each category open BELOW the table of content page instead of linking to a separate page. I guess I could copy and paste the table of contents page code above each photo page it links to but that seems incorrect. Presently the table of contents page is house inside an iframe on my photo_video.php page. If I have to I will make the photo page live to get my point across. Right now I'm tweaking the designs css to my needs and trying to get everything to fit Thanks Ant
  2. Ant

    click tag script

    Just got another request for click through info. Here's the question from the client: "What is the preferred method for embedding the click through?"
  3. Ant

    click tag script

    News, thanks for the help. Just to clarify, this is a banner ad that a client wants to place on my companies website. I figured you got that but I'm just clarifying. I asked the agency (media person), that was asking me for the info, if i could talk to their designer and see if the flash designer could explain it to me. But they said "don't worry about it" and just ended it there. If you find anything else out I would be curious to know what the answers are. Thanks Ant
  4. Ant

    click tag script

    News, thanks. What I'm trying to figure out is what is the info the client wants from us. The client said every other company gave them clicktag scripts. So I assume it's something specific to each other company. Our company does not have clicktag scripts to give to clients for their banner ads. What I cant figure out is what info do they want from us. I thought the clicktag script is generated by the flash designer. Something they create in flash that they specify. I guess they need some part of the clicktag info from us?? Thanks Ant
  5. Ant

    click tag script

    Since the co I work for is not willing to hire the appropriate people, our web designer doesn't have the answers to the following questions asked to me by our clients. So I was hoping someone here could explain to me how I go about answering this question: our clients want to know what our "Click tag script" is for banner ads. They said it would be something like this: on (release) {getURL(_level0.clickTag, "_blank");} I looked it up and I guess it's info embedded in webfiles (maybe exclusive to flash files???)that allows clients to track information on their web advertisement. How that differs from our web stats generated by godaddy is what I don't understand. So where would that info come from. Godaddy? The web designer? Thanks Ant
  6. Thanks News. I will try that and see what the difference is between yours and Falken. I don't use a lot of pseudo classes. I believe that's what you outlined, right? Ant
  7. Well, the position:absolute worked. I had to place the position 650px from the top and 350 px from the left. But even though DW renders it properly, I had to adjust it based on my browser preview and GUESS on the css position. DW was off by something like 40px. Ant
  8. Allright attached is what I'm trying to do. 2 lines of copy.(the facebook section) At the end of the second line (on the same line) I placed an image The image is forcing a space between the first and second line because of the height of it. I guess I want the image to not effect the spacing (leading) of the 2 lines. Maybe the image needs to be taken out of the flow of the code and be a layer or something. I have yet to try the position relative absolute. Ant
  9. Since something is not allowing me a full post here's the abbreviated version I have the following text: Facebook You can now follow us on Facebook How do i add an image at the end of the second line and have the text IGNORE the space it's taking up? Ant
  10. I have 3 sets of paragraphs that need to be separated by EXTRA space. I was told that using &nbsp is bad practice.( but it is VERY tempting, ) I have looked for various ways to add RANDOM extra space in my design and cant find anything. The only option i can think of is inline margins added to my p tag. Are spacer.gif bad practice? This is just another example of margins in external style sheets not satisfying ALL my variables. Sorry to keep posting these similar questions. Ant
  11. So, hr's are old and shouldn't be used? Falken, thanks for this: Depends on the situation. -- Sometimes inline styling, if the issue won't repeat and it isn't worth making a class for it. -- Sometimes I'll make a class that specifically defines the margins/padding I need. -- Sometimes I'll take advantage of the margin collapse feature that I was telling you about. -- Sometimes I'll need to adjust the design to allow me to use more consistent code. I was wondering when I should use inline styling. I have been trying to avoid it all together. As much control that css gives me it also requires a lot of preparation. So far the biggest challenge I have had in all this is the POSITIONING of elements in web design. It's all very time consuming. Ant
  12. So what about when this situation occurs with other elements other than hr's ?
  13. Falken, thanks I didn't know that. I understand what you are suggesting.Although I'm not sure i can make it work. What do you do in this situation. Is it something that happens all the time. Am I being too critical? Ant
  14. I'm almost done with the site and can say I have learned a TON by just doing it and of course ALL THE HELP everyone here has given me. I could not have done it without this place. I'm running into a lot of little problems right now. Here's a for instance. If I place a margin of say 5px on my hr element it's fine and it's how I want it to look when it comes after a p. element. However, when it comes after a photo the margins change because the photo and it's class have a different margin than the p element. I keep running into this situation with various other elements. I don't think putting a 5px margin top/bottom on everything will work. That doesn't seem realistic. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Ant
  15. What does the IMAGE of the logo have to do with an h1 tag? ant
  16. ok, got it. So if for some reason I had my sites NAME on each page(not sure why I would want that) it's best if it is NOT an h1 heading, but rather a p tag. The page title, i.e. about us, contact us etc is better being an h1 tag. Thanks Ant
  17. Yes But all this relates to text on the page, it has nothing to do with the TITLE at the top of the browser window. i.e. this page says "replying to headline hierarchy-Killersites Community...etc..
  18. Wickham thanks for the breakdown, I understand. One question: What's the difference between page title and website title. It's this part from your post: "Yes, I think there is a problem with that. It's been debated often but the consensus is that the h1 heading should be for the page title, not the website title (except on the homepage) so if your website is for a town council and you have several pages for health, education, street maintenance, etc. each page would have h1 for health etc."
  19. I was told here to keep my headings in order from h1-h6 etc to help with SEO. I have a page that I want to have an h1 and then immediately under an h2 headline, BUT under the h2 I would like to have an h1 again. Is there a problem with that? Most of the time DESIGN WISE I can keep to a uniform h1, h2 h3 hierarchy , however there are times i want to throw in a big headline under the smaller one. Theres also some instances where some of my headings(text ) do not fall into h1-h6 categories. For instance I may have a headline thats h2 but it's a different color and italic. Should I make a class and add it to say an h2 heading or just give it a class with no p, or h tag denoted? Thanks Ant
  20. Thanks for all the replies. News, thanks for the explanation. It looks like I will just babysit my captions and make sure they never exceed the width of the photo. If they do i will just have to manually add a break to the line or something like that. Ant
  21. Do you guys find it "tiring" that the simplest of things takes an act of god to accomplish when building websites? Or is it something you just accept and continue on. BTW, how do new things, elements etc get created and are then usable by web builders. For instance how did DIVS get made and become part of HTML. Thanks Ant
  22. News, the images I place are not always the same dimensions, so what are my other options ?
  23. Eric, thanks once again for your help. I did everything you mentioned, however my caption still determines the width of the div. So if the caption FOR SOME ODD REASON happened to be very long, it extends the div and 1px border, thus making the div larger than the image bounds. Here's the css that is applied to the div and to my caption text(not sure i need the caption text styling): .photo_with_caption { border: 1px solid #000000; padding: 10px; margin-left: 5px; margin-bottom: 15px; float: left; text-align: center; display: block; } .caption_style { font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; color: #333333; text-align: center; padding: 5px; margin: 5px; } HTML: <div class="photo_with_caption"> <img src="images/harry_salmon.jpg" width="539" height="411" /> <div class="caption_style">harry salmon </div>
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