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  1. Did you mean something like this: http://qwebdesign.net/demos/test.html or something else?
  2. Hi, It works fine here. Could you send me the link to your website? or some how I can view your code. Quyen,
  3. Thanks for your comments, I always can change the background image if my client requests. Quyen,
  4. Hi, I've just had a look at your code, and my suggestion is: Put this code into your Css: label{ vertical-align: top; } In case you have some questions, visit http://www.w3schools.com/css/pr_pos_vertical-align.asp website. Goodluck! Quyen,
  5. Brisbane :( raining rain

  6. Hi EvaBrown, Sorry about the missing images, I've updated them all and now they are ready to view. I can't leave a normal link here for some reasons but you might work it out how to paste and fix the links to your web browser. Thanks a lot for your comments. Have a good day, Quyen,
  7. Thank you for you comments, I will go through all of these errors and hopefully my partner can handle these. Actually he was the one who work with the coding on this site. I appreciate your advice. Quyen,
  8. Hi Andrea, As I mentioned to you before about my new project - Rosa bakery. I am still doing it, it's almost done. I want to say thank to you all for your comments and feedback. This is my trial running version - h tt p://rosabakery.c om.vn/htdocs/?page=home&lang=en#?page=home I am still working on this product - So it will be very helpful if you guys can share some of your comments for my trial version. Quyen,
  9. Hi, Thank you very much for your comments, I should not keep update them up here because of some rules of this forum. If you are interested in my website templates, I will send you a notice whenever I finish my new designs. Thanks again, Quyen
  10. I will update the coding soon when i finish, I appreciate your feedback! Have a nice day! Quyen,
  11. Hi again, Ok, I understand the reasons why you guys have to deactive all the links. As I said before that I am upgrading my website, that's why I put a sign on my website says "Temporary under construction". I am designing some new projects, and I've just finished designing these projects in the .psd files,right? I just want to receive some comments and feedback for the layouts. That's all. If you don't trust me then here are some of my designs: w ww. mondogelato.co m.vn w ww. classico.co m.vn I don't really want to spend too much time to post something like this. If you don't allow us to do this, then we have to leave. Quyen,
  12. OK, that's fine, I just wondering why you guys have to do this? You should remove the "insert link" function then. I just can't believe this, you join to a forum but cannot share anything!
  13. Hi, Thanks a lot for your feedback! Check out some more on qwe bdesign.net [remove spaces] actually I am upgrading my website, but you still can see some of my new designs. Quyen,
  14. Hello everyone, I've just finished some new website templates on -- w ww. qwe bdesign.net [remove spaces] I would like to get some feedback from Killersites.com's members. Thank you very much! Quyen,
  15. Keep up with my new designs at qwe bdesign.net [remove spaces]. I would like to receive your comments and feedback for my designs. Thanks all.
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