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  1. The color scheme and layout are very nice. A couple things:


    I don't understand the image in the bottom left hand corner how it goes from right then to left then to the right again? Maybe have this as a static image?


    Definitely the errors are not good. Who knows - you could clean up 2-3 errors and most of the remaining errors could be cleaned up as well (sometimes 1 or 2 errors can lead to multiple errors)


    Overall a nice job

  2. Brian,

    If it's your Chinese Drywall Victim site, it is showing for me in Firefox on Mac. Have you cleared the cache on your browser?

    If not, do the following



    Hi Virtual,

    Yes - it is for the CDW site - and is now showing. That was strange. Thanks for the resource - I'll read over the link and save it for future reference.



  3. I do not necessarily care for the Splash page as well, but I came up with it bc I do not think many users will be on IE 6.


    In IE 6 - the footer links are missing and on the Contact page - the contact information on the right is pushed down? Any ideas on what is causing this?

  4. Your navigation is dropping to two lines for me (Firefox). "Contact" is appearing below "home".


    Also, you might consider adding a bit of bottom padding to each <li> in your right column that lists the manufacturers.


    Thanks Ben - are you on Mac? It looks fine on my end (FF) as well as IE. How would I fix this error?



  5. Thanks Newseed - and I have changed the text to be a little darker (not uploaded yet)


    My brother is currently working on a WP blog for this - still learning the ropes, but this will definitely be changed to WP soon..


    thanks for the insight!

  6. My family and I are victims of Chinese Drywall, and after our lender refused to help us so we can move - I started a web site for victims to tell their stories. (Thought I would tell you why the site was built in case you have not heard of this disaster).


    If you could, please visit www.creativeeyedia.com (temp url) and please critique the site and provide any feedback you may have..


    thank you


  7. Thanks Newseed


    - I removed overflow: hidden, removed the bottom margin and added a height to the nav and this seemed to fix it (contents pushed up as well as the State Links)


    Thanks for the tips on adding a border on the divs while building - I will try this



  8. Good morning guys,


    If you have a moment could you visit my link - www.creativeeyedia.com - 2 things I am experiencing in IE 7:


    1) On the Stories page - the state links are pushed up and I can not seem to figure out why.


    2) On all the pages - the content is pushed up close to the navigation? I know with IE 6 & 7 - it is not recommended to add a bottom margin to the parent container - but better to add a bottom padding. I have a bottom margin on the navigation UL, not the #navigation - would this be the factor of my issue?


    Any advice is greatly appreciated -


    thank you


  9. Good evening guys,

    If you have a moment can you visit my link: http://www.c reative eyedia.com


    Everything is ok in FF (of course), but in IE 7 - my navigation is pushed up. In IE 8 the nav is fine - but he bottom part of the logo in the center of the nav is chopped a tad bit?


    On a last note - the form is not being submitted - you enter info and enter submit and it clears it out?


    The newest RAR has not been uploaded to the server - so be careful when you leave the Home page - if you click the Home link - you will be back at the intro page.


    Any assistance, you may be able to provide is greatly appreciated.




  10. I just learned something new! I've been cropping images, but it's not always exact and I get so frustrated when working with backgrounds. Maybe this will help me?? I've never noticed Trim before.....


    Off to play with it! B)


    Hi Susie -

    It is on CS4 - I do not know about previous versions. I hope this helps you with a new way to "Slice that PSD" :D

  11. Being a newbie - I use Photoshop CS4 and am very pleased with it. While I still need to learn it to improve my design aesthetics, I think it is the most popular graphics program out there.


    For slicing - I have never sliced. I like Ben and Virtual, crop the images out. Basically turn off all elements except the ones you want to export - select Image - then Trim (or simply Crop the image). This is also extremely helpful when working with transparent PNG's.

  12. Thanks for the feedback Rich. I am still a newbie in my self taught studies. I plan on beginning to learn javascript and jQuery in the next month or so since I currently only have an understanding of the basics of CSS and (X)HTML. I am currently working on pro bono projects to get experience, and am only taking on 1 project at a time. I hope the work continues to be steady like this to gain experience and exposure to the world of Freelancing, and ready myself for when it is time to take on several at a time. Although Brian aka BKMacdaddy had a great article on his experience of not having a safety net http://freelancefolder.com/freelancing-without-a-safety-net/ when he started out - I can not see myself going full time until work becomes steady enough and allows me to do so.

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