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  1. That was actually something I explained to them in detail at the beginning. I knew from my own experience that more content equals a better chance of search placement simple because there is more content for search engines to "choose" from. They have very little content and I explained that would be a factor. Honestly, I know what this is all about. They are not generating the sales they wanted from their online store and, unfortunately, they have chosen me to blame for it. I can hardly see how it's my fault that we're in an economic recession and people are not searching for or buying blueberry-themed jewelry.
  2. No, they never paid me anything beyond the initial price though I did a few "favors" for them since then. Nothing I charged for. It was well established in the beginning that I was hired to get their store up and running, submit the site to search engines, and ask for a link exchange with a list of sites they gave me. The problem is there was no contract written up for this deal. A mistake I have learned from.
  3. A client on a tight budget wanted to start an online store selling jewelry they already sold from their physical store. Long story short, they hired me to modify a Joomla theme, set up VirtueMart, do everything else that needed to be done, and submit their site to search engines. They really wanted good search engine placement but I told them there was more to it than just punching in some keywords. I said I'd be more than willing to work on it but it would mean hiring me beyond the initial price I gave them. Six months later, they are demanding a 50 percent refund because they claim their search engine placement is poor due to me. They believe they should have that money back to hire someone who can improve their placement. What would you do?
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