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  1. Hi, I have a table and am scrolling the tbody with a jquery plugin. This works fine in desktop as well as ipad. Here is the page: testpage (Just click one of the map markers to view the table that has the scrolling) However, the scrolling on the ipad is not that great, so I would like to use the '-webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch' property to get native scrolling. This does not seem to do anything. Does anyone know if scrolling a tbody on an ipad with this property is possible or maybe the plugin is conflicting? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am trying to create a case insensitive search. This works in FF but nowhere else(Safari, Chrome, IE): var searchTerm = this.value;//from input box var string1 = point.name;//the string to search var matchTerm = string1.search(searchTerm, "i"); if(matchTerm != -1){ //code goes here }); The search works in all browsers, it is just case sensitive everywhere except FF Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the reply! I actually appended a "#" and then a "?" and it is working fine
  4. Hey: Is there a way to append a unique number to a url with jquery without using '?' - this seems to reload the page or using '#'- which seems to be messing with another jquery element on the page. Thanks!
  5. Hey: Is there a way to set a var within the $(document).ready function and retrieve the value in a function outside of the that? Thanks!
  6. Hey: Can anyone direct me to a tutorial about setting up stream.publish (for Facebook) and Javascript? Thanks!
  7. Hey: Does anyone know of a way to communicate from Flash to Facebook? I would like to post messages to the message board on Facebook. Thanks!
  8. ok, didn't work. For some reason ie8 is caching the Flash so it does not update on page load. ie6&7 (+all other browsers)work fine! I guess i have to do a browser test and load a different file for ie8! Thanks anyway
  9. Thanks for the reply! How do you do that?
  10. Hey: Is there a way to clear the cache from Flash or within the html? I have two Flash files communicating together via php/mysql. Every time you click a link in Flash file A, it sends a number to a mysql table via php and reloads the html page Flash file B is on. Flash file B checks the mysql table via php and loads an xml page based on that number. Works fine in all browsers except ie, which caches the Flash page and keeps loading the same page(unless you clear the cache) So what i need is a way to clear the cache either from Flash or from the html page. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  11. Hey: I have a css drop down menu that overlays a swf and at the edge of the swf movie, the menu gets distorted a bit. Any reason for this? work-arounds? Thanks!
  12. Not using a background image. although if i use one, it seems to work. here is the html: <td><input action="Scripts/FormToEmail.php" method="post" type="submit" value="JOIN" class="button_header"> <img src="images/join_header_arrow.jpg" width="4" height="6" alt="arrow" title="arrow" id="join_arrow" /></td> here is the css: .button_header { font-family:helvetica neue, helvetica, arial, sans-serif; border: none; outline: none; background:transparent; font-size:8pt; color:#464547; padding:0 0 3px 0; } Again, it works in all browsers except ie6/7 Thanks
  13. Thanks for the reply. it is an html form submit button, calling the action "post"(for php). the value is set to "submit". There is some css applied to the text, padding, etc. It just shows up blank in ie6/7 Thanks
  14. Hey: I am running into an issue with the value="" attribute not showing up in ie6/7. It works fine in all the other browsers. It does work using a background image, however, I would like to be able to use the value attribute. Is there something I am missing? Thanks
  15. Thanks, got it working. I used jquery animate and z-index
  16. Hey: I am creating a jquery gallery that displays images and swfs. I am using SWFObject to display the swfs. I seem to be able to load the swf correctly, however, once the swf is loaded, it sort of breaks the rest of the code. I can't get anything else to happen. Has anyone done this sort of thing before? Thanks
  17. Hey: I am trying to (on a rollover event) animate an image onto the screen so that it seems to come out from behind another object. Is this possible? Thanks
  18. Hey: Does anyone know of a good method for adding the status from facebook? It tried using their widget, however, i cannot style it as it is an image of the status and not the html. Thanks
  19. Thanks for the reply. I didn't see any space issues. Sorry, I can't provide a link as it's an intranet site and we're still building, but here is the code: background-image:url(/confluence/s/913/1/1.2/_/download/resources/com.plugin.bny.themes.pwire:global/images/Intranet/go.gif); However, I should mention that it works on my version of ie6 and 7 but not my co-workers.
  20. Hey: Does anyone know anything about why background images would not show up in some versions of IE6 or 7? It seems to work in FF across the board and only in some versions of IE. Would some settings somewhere within each browser be causing it to display differently? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  21. Hey: I have an xml question. Hope i can post here. Anyway: I have an xml doc that i am retrieving a hyperlink from. However, instead of that hyperlink, i want to add a button for Paypal. The way the button gets generated is within form tags with attributes, etc. The question is, how do i retrieve that form info from the xml? It is for a Flash gallery if that is any help. Thanks
  22. Hey: I am developing my first e-commerce site. The merchant is using Paypal for payment method. I am wondering what the best (preferably free) shopping cart to use would be? Something that i can design to look like the site and is also Paypal certified. I looked at zen cart and it seems very complex to use. If that's the best option, i will go ahead and learn that. Thanks
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