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  1. Can anybody suggest me such a pop up.I want a popup window which will remain for long time and a user can be able to click inside this popup. I want that popup sholud be a div in which again link are to click and navigate

  2. please help me if there be a table which is populating from data base and having 25 rows but at a time I have to show only 5 records means 5 rows only.I want to use 2 button up button in left bottom and down button in right bottom .on click of up or down button scrolling effect should there .also only 5 rows should be displayed and on click up or down button next result or previous result should display

  3. please see here http://www.esoftinformatics.us/culichef ? cate_id=27 .its my site under progress

    when you click on chef world link .here are up and down button who hide and show content ....but I need on click row by row should display

    there be 2 button one at left bottom and other is at right bottom .on click of rightbottom button it should scroll down and on click left side up button it should scroll up

  4. hi

    I need idea how can I create such a control in which on click of downbutton content slide row by row .as in most of the mobile when we press downbutton content change on every press of down button .DO you understand? what I want to say?

    more clearly 2buttons up and down

    on press down-->lower next content(lower row) comes

    on press up--> upper next


    plz help


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