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  1. Thank you! I checked it too last night on an iphone and was relieved to see that the home page was aligned correctly with an endless line. I never would have figured it out, Josh Morris and I are in your debt. I'll put that on the other pages now.
  2. Thank you, I'll tackle the fancybox app. I would love to embed the video in the page...much easier for me. Siteowner wants the other approach. Thank you for your good advice.
  3. I'm doing the most important thing first. Just on the index page, I've changed that 2000 px wide bar to a background repeating bar. I know the CSS is very crude but it looks like the job is getting done. I don't have an iphone so can you please tell me if the alignment problems you saw before when pulled up on an iphone are fixed? http://joshmorris3d.com thank you
  4. I'll try to wade thru all these mistakes I've made. Between my outdated knowledge and my game artist siteowner's wishes, it seems quite pathetic. Thank you so much.
  5. Now I'm in a panic. If we take out the 2000 px bar, will that fix the whole problem? or need to do something else?
  6. I've generated a couple of little movies which popup okay when an image is mousedover in Firefox but don't work in Safari. I think my problem is that I've got an outdated WSIWYG (Adobe GoLive) and it's not using code which modern browsers use. I've been searching for code to fix this problem and can't find any. Could someone look at this page and see if you can help me? Thank you http://joshmorris3d.com/3dwork.html
  7. That long bar was not my idea. The owner of the site wanted that, I told him he should try it on the iphone. I fear I will have a lot of redo on this site in future after people have seen it on different media.
  8. Thank you, I think I can manage it now. I appreciate all the help!
  9. So I can take out all the <div /div> tags and that's what tells the elements to go to the style in the external stylesheet?
  10. I'm still not getting the answer about how to tag the different elements. Just i.e., <div ="h1">Environment</div> Is that all that's necessary? and to take out class in the following? <div class="h1">Environment</div>
  11. Thanks, this is very good. The only thing I'm still not clear about is that after adding the code for the externally linked CSS, removing all embedded CSS except for any overrides I want. For instance, in my page for the first heading I have <div class="h1"> Environment</div> Would I just take out the word class? and leave everything else in order for it to find the h1 style in the external stylesheet?
  12. I've created a page with internal stylesheets. I know how to create the external from the internal but I simply don't know how to then go back and tag the elements on the pages. How do I tag them? and what code should I remove from the first page which has the internal stylesheets attached?
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