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  1. Dear jonbey

    i liked that menu

    but how can i make the submenu horizantal.


    and how can i get its code, ( i tried right click and source code, but nothing happened)...


    is there any javascript attached to this, i need only CSS




  2. Hello dear

    I have to problems:


    1. I am trying to make a horizontal menu, and which open another horizontal menu under that one. I tried but the sub menu is opening vertically, not horizontally.

    2. Is this possible with lists??? And how?



  3. Hello Dear

    I liked a picture on Flick but when I tried to save that picture to my computer, only a spaceball.gif was saved there. The link is


    Can you please tell me how to make such spaceball.gif for a picture on my site and how can I use it.

    I made a table in put a picture in its background and copied same spaceball.gif from Flickr to my folder but it still can be downloaded?

    Can anyone help?

  4. Hi

    I have my index and other files with html format.

    When I load them to server, only index.html give error in some code

    I tried more to solve the problem but not succeeded.

    The error is


    Line: 11

    Char: 1

    Error: object expected

    Code: 0


    Can anyone help me !!!

  5. <?php
    $options = array('http://google.com'=>'Google', 'http://www.yahoo.com'=>'Yahoo', 'http://www.hotmail.com'=>'Hotmail');

    <?php foreach($options as $k=>$v){ ?>
    <?php echo $v?>
    <?php } ?>

  6. hi

    i like this code


    $options = array('John', 'Eric', 'Thelma'); // and 97 others
    <?php foreach($options as $k=>$v){ ?>
    <?php echo $v?>
    <?php } ?>


    but forexaple if i have




    how can i write the values in PHP


    as you wrote:


    $options = array('John', 'Eric', 'Thelma'); // and 97 others


    if i change this to


    $options = array('Google', 'Yahoo', 'Hotmail'); // and 97 others


    where can i write it links,

    for exampel, for the above code:







  7. Thanks dear

    you code helped me, and my work is done.


    if I want to make an external css sheet only for one menu

    forexample for first menu

    so what i can wrote before and after this code in that

    as you know the oroginal code is


       font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
       font-size: 12px;
       color: #CCCCCC;
    .first_menu a:link {
       text-decoration: underline;
    .first_menu a:visited {
       text-decoration: underline;
       color: #CCCCCC;
    .first_menu a:hover {
       text-decoration: none;
       color: #FFFFFF;
    .first_menu a:active {
       text-decoration: underline;
       color: #CCCCCC;




  8. Hi dear

    I was working with HTML

    But friends told me that I should use PHP

    Now I have my page with php

    But I do not know how to write code for database, and what kind of Database I should use...




    I just want to get my values from database, and keep my site not too heavy during browsing... by typing too many codes?

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