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  1. Hi all i have a CSS Menu it is vertical how i can make it horizantal http://www.geocities.com/fazlionline/css/css_list_menu.html I recently added two post on related topic , but no any satisfied answer... need help Thanks
  2. Dear jonbey i liked that menu but how can i make the submenu horizantal. and how can i get its code, ( i tried right click and source code, but nothing happened)... is there any javascript attached to this, i need only CSS Thanks Fazli
  3. can not get what u mean
  4. Dear Wickham you wrote: ( ... and the second level ul has to nested inside the top level li tag... but how will you please write the code because i am new to CSS.
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  6. hi all i want just like this kenu http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menus/drop_line.html how can i find it code
  7. hji jlhaslip http://www.jlhaslip.trap17.com/tests/index.html is working but whe i mouse over on the menu, sumenu opens but when i try to click on submenu , it dis apears... and hi Wickham can you write the full code of such menu for me. i will edit it later
  8. Hello dear I have to problems: 1. I am trying to make a horizontal menu, and which open another horizontal menu under that one. I tried but the sub menu is opening vertically, not horizontally. 2. Is this possible with lists??? And how? Help
  9. yes, there was javascript but i removed that script. how to search this page for if any part of that script is still on page?
  10. Hello Dear I liked a picture on Flick but when I tried to save that picture to my computer, only a spaceball.gif was saved there. The link is Can you please tell me how to make such spaceball.gif for a picture on my site and how can I use it. I made a table in put a picture in its background and copied same spaceball.gif from Flickr to my folder but it still can be downloaded? Can anyone help?
  11. the code on line 11 is but id do not now where the problem is.
  12. Hi I have my index and other files with html format. When I load them to server, only index.html give error in some code I tried more to solve the problem but not succeeded. The error is Line: 11 Char: 1 Error: object expected Code: 0 Can anyone help me !!!
  13. <?php $options = array('http://google.com'=>'Google', 'http://www.yahoo.com'=>'Yahoo', 'http://www.hotmail.com'=>'Hotmail'); asort($options); ?> <?php foreach($options as $k=>$v){ ?> <?php echo $v?> <?php } ?>
  14. thanks dear it is working now but i can not follow the link click on any option, nothing will happen...
  15. <?php $options = array('http://google.com'=>'Google', 'http://www.yahoo.com'=>'Yahoo', 'http://www.hotmail.com'=>'Hotmail'); asort($options); ?> <?php foreach($options as $k=>$v){ ?> <?php echo $v?> <?php } ?>
  16. hi i like this code <?php $options = array('John', 'Eric', 'Thelma'); // and 97 others sort($options); ?> <?php foreach($options as $k=>$v){ ?> <?php echo $v?> <?php } ?> but forexaple if i have Goolge how can i write the values in PHP as you wrote: $options = array('John', 'Eric', 'Thelma'); // and 97 others sort($options); if i change this to $options = array('Google', 'Yahoo', 'Hotmail'); // and 97 others sort($options); where can i write it links, for exampel, for the above code: http://www.google.com http://www.yahoo.com http://www.hotmail.com thanks
  17. sorry Eric they are more than 100 and i want to do it with a script or any code because i will add more options to it.
  18. Can I alphabetize a drop down menu, which have more than 100 values..
  19. Hi all Is this possible with PHP to make a dropdown menu which takes its values from a database?
  20. Hi all Is this possible with PHP to create a monthly newsletter for subscribed users? If yes, what is the function which I can use? I mean what is the code for this? Thanks
  21. Thanks dear you code helped me, and my work is done. now if I want to make an external css sheet only for one menu forexample for first menu so what i can wrote before and after this code in that as you know the oroginal code is .first_menu { font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; color: #CCCCCC; } .first_menu a:link { text-decoration: underline; } .first_menu a:visited { text-decoration: underline; color: #CCCCCC; } .first_menu a:hover { text-decoration: none; color: #FFFFFF; } .first_menu a:active { text-decoration: underline; color: #CCCCCC; } thanks
  22. Hi dear I was working with HTML But friends told me that I should use PHP Now I have my page with php But I do not know how to write code for database, and what kind of Database I should use... I just want to get my values from database, and keep my site not too heavy during browsing... by typing too many codes?
  23. ok please try this Favourites ------------------- Yahoo! Altavista i think this will help you or you need to explain you question.
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