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  1. I will appreciate if MySql is added to this forum but not as a sub-category!!! Let MySql have its own category & let PHP have its own. The question which I have, for which I request for MySql category, is not related to PHP, there for, if MySql category is not a separate like other categories, me and other users like me will be confused!!! | The | Choice | is | Yours | Thanks
  2. You mean that I should write www.killersites.com instead of Killer Sites [dot] com?
  3. Hi all As you know that many software companies have to arrange a test/exam for the users, and when any user passes that test/exam, he is called ?Certified? in that program. Same is arranged by Adobe, if someone gives the exam, he is called ?Adobe Certified Expert?. Now, I want to join this exam but have a problem that from where can I download videos of Dreamweaver to see them and when I learnt, I will appear for this exam. From where I can download Dreamweaver training videos for free Can any one help me?
  4. Hi All As you know that the Killer Site [dot] com team is working fantastic. I appreciate all it does and I am so thankful to them that I have leant more and more. As you know that the forum contain PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and more, I think there is an important thing missing, and that is MySql. As you know that the MySql works with PHP side by side, there for I request the killer Site team to make section for MySql too. I will appreciate it Thank Fazlionline
  5. Thanks EveryOne I have solved my problem Thanks Again
  6. Thanks jlhaslip i will work on it too
  7. Thanks to all The redirect may be useless but I tried to learn how it works. I have finally found this on Google search? It is very simple to redirect a page from one to other. i donot know why no one was able to help me Just past the code before everything on page, even before , do not leave even a blank line; put it on the most top. The code is: <?php header( 'Location: http://www.fazlionline.com/wordpress/' ) ; ?> Thanks
  8. i can link this page directly to blog but i want to learn the redirect script.
  9. Dear Thelma Please see http://www.fazlionline.com/ But my blog is http://www.fazlionline.com/wordpress/ So I want the user to be redirected from ?blog? folder to ?wordpress? folder
  10. Hello all I have a link on my site for a blog. when that page opens it have a redirect script for a blog in other website but when i clik on blog linke the page opens but do not redirect to other page and give this error: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at d:\Customers\user1092190\www\v2\blog\blog.php:9) in d:\Customers\user1092190\www\v2\blog\blog.php on line 10 my script is this <?php header( 'Location: http://www.fazlionline.com/wordpress/' ) ; ?> note: i have past this script in the main body tag is there any rule to put the redirect in a special place? Thanks
  11. Thanks Everyone I have successfully installed WordPress Blog on my site http://www.fazlionline.com/wordpress/ Thanks Thelma & Susie for your cooperation Now a have questions: 1. Can I make a Poll with this blog? 2. Can I make a Newsletter with this Blog? 3. Can I make a Forum with this blog? Are these possible or not Thanks Fazlionline
  12. yes IM i mean exact that. good i will work on it thanks
  13. is this possible to create a blog like www.mywebsite.com/blog
  14. Thanks Thelma I am working on it. If I got any problem I will contact you.
  15. I have a simple menu, and it have some links. I want if any one click on a link, and that page opens, this page (opened page) color should be different. So the user can see that he is now at this page. How can I do it? I added a:active { text-decoration: none; color: #FFCC66; } But this do not work http://www.geocities.com/fazlionline/css/active.html need help
  16. can any one tell me how to fix this menu?
  17. Wordpress.com or Wordpress.org
  18. hi how can i have a site blog. i have my personal webiste. i want to create a blog in this. the usedrs must be registered to post anything. need help
  19. Dear Thelma my menu looks like stairs, which i do not want. first of all i want the submenu hidden by default, and should apear on mouse over. when i solved this problem, then i will learn how to make it horizantal. (i also want to learn the ocde for vertical, but later) Thanks
  20. the list style problem is solved by Thelma, Thanks to her. but have aproblem , it looks like stairs now, how can i make it vertical.
  21. but i have added this code . look at line 43 & 56. http://www.geocities.com/fazlionline/css/css_list_menu3.htm
  22. Thanks Thelma I added that code u wrote in Post # 2 now it looks like this http://www.geocities.com/fazlionline/css/css_list_menu3.htm
  23. in li a and li a:hover i removed the code size:200px; and replaced it with float: left; also in ul a and ul a:hover i replaced size:200px; with list-style: none; check http://www.geocities.com/fazlionline/css/css_list_menu2.html again please.
  24. Thanks everyone i removed the size, nothing were happened. i added Thelma's code it looks like this now http://www.geocities.com/fazlionline/css/css_list_menu2.html how can i remove the bullets. how can i hide submenus by default, without javascript Thanks for examples, but i want to create my own.
  25. Hello all i have made my page with .php format (index.php) i have upload it to server. "Error on page" apears at bottom left . status bar. details says: Line: 338 Char: 1 Error: Object Expected Code:0 and when i try in editor to go my index.php page , to find line 338. the last line of my document is 195. any help please.
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