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  1. View Other Records Update Your Information Full Name: Write yo full name with nick name ID: OLD ID Password: OLD PASSWARD Bate of Birth: Date - Month - Year Domicile The place where you parents lived Mobile Numbers: You can enter two mobile numbers, separate them with " / " . Country: The Country you live now State/Province/City: The State/province/City you live now Position Your Job Position Organization Name:: Name of the Organization you work in Profession: What is your profession, what are you expert in? Education Level: Your highest education level Email: The email address you use/check most.
  2. fazlionline

    Opera Menu

    Hi all I liked this horizontal menu on Opera (Home, Community, Forums, and Opera): http://my.opera.com/community/ Can anyone tell me how to make this, or link me to its tutorial or give me the code? Thanks
  3. as you solved that problem thanks for that but now same code is not updating another record! my PHP code is this <?php // Make a MySQL Connection // Update Multiple fields mysql_query(" UPDATE schooldb SET regname= '".$_POST['updname']."', regdob= '".$_POST['upddob']."', regdomi= '".$_POST['upddomi']."', regmob= '".$_POST['updmob']."', regcountry= '".$_POST['updcountry']."', regcity= '".$_POST['updcity']."', regposition= '".$_POST['updposition']."', regorg= '".$_POST['updorg']."', regpro= '".$_POST['updpro']."', regedu= '".$_POST['updedu']."', regemail= '".$_POST['updemail']."', WHERE regid = '" .$_POST['updid']."' AND regpass = '" .$_POST['updpass']."';"); echo "Data Updated!"; ?> is there anything missing? Thanks
  4. Do you want to learn PHP? what changes do you want to do with your database?
  5. If I want the record to be updated when two fields in the form are equal to two fields in the tadabase. Is this code right? mysql_query(" UPDATE example SET name= '".$_POST['xname']."', email = '".$_POST['xemail']. "' WHERE pass = '" .$_POST['xpass']."' AND location= '" .$_POST['xlocation']."' ;"); Thanks
  6. thanks, your code worked thanks alot.
  7. Hi all I have a form to update user information. The form has name, email &pass. If the user want to update his information, he will type his name, email and password in the form, then he will click the submit button. The PHP code will replace his database name and email with the form name and email IF the password in the form is equal to the password in the form. This is the code I worte, but not working: <?php // connect to database. // Update a record. mysql_query(" UPDATE example SET name= $_POST[name], email =$_POSR[email] WHERE pass==$_POST[pass] "); ?> Can anyone help me how to write this code? Note: I want to update this record in MySQL database using PHP Form
  8. hi all i did it, with another code see the red code, i added : <?php // Make a MySQL Connection // Get all the data from the "example" table $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM schooldb ORDER BY regname") or die(mysql_error()); echo " echo " S Name DoB Domicile Phone Country City Position Organization Profession Education Email "; $ctr = 1; // keeps getting the next row until there are no more to get while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { echo " echo " " . $ctr . ""; echo " " . $row['regname'] . ""; echo " " . $row['regdob'] . ""; echo " " . $row['regdomi'] . ""; echo " " . $row['regmob'] . ""; echo " " . $row['regcountry'] . ""; echo " " . $row['regcity'] . ""; echo " " . $row['regposition'] . ""; echo " " . $row['regorg'] . ""; echo " " . $row['regpro'] . ""; echo " " . $row['regedu'] . ""; echo " " . $row['regemail'] . ""; echo " ";$ctr++; } echo " ";?>
  9. OK, but how can i let the database management sysem to handle the 'keys'?
  10. I have a database of users, they have filled the form. Now they want to update their information. I want the user should change all of his information, if the user name & pass in the form (is equal to ) user name & pass in the database. This code is not working: <?php // Make a MySQL Connection // Insert a row of information into the table "mytbl" mysql_query("UPDATE mytbl SET regname = '$_POST[updname]', regdob = '$_POST[upddob]', regdomi = '$_POST[upddomi]', regmob = '$_POST[updmob]' , regcountry = '$_POST[updcountry]', regcity = '$_POST[updcity]', regposition '$_POST[updposition]', regorg = '$_POST[updorg]', regpro = '$_POST[updpro]', regedu = '$_POST[updedu]', regemail = '$_POST[updemail]', WHERE regid = '$_POST[updemail]' AND regpass = '$_POST[updemail]'"); echo "Data Updated!"; ?> Thanks
  11. but i have users in that table, what should i do with them?
  12. I just need a code to RESET my id AUTO INCREMENT
  13. Hi Can anyone tell me how to give this function to my text? If anyone clinks on heading, the detail opens. And if click again, the details closes. http://www.arfc.com.af/faq.htm Thanks
  14. fazlionline

    serial number

    Hi all I have a database of some users, but serial number was missing in the output form. Now I want to add the serial number, but have problem. When I made the database, I made 4 test entries to check if it works or not, when that worked then I deleted those entries. Now when I use: echo "" . $row['id'] . ""; It works properly, but it starts form 5 and so on. And I want it to start form 1. I also want my database to be ordered by names. $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM my_table ORDER BY id") or die(mysql_error()); Any suggestion! Thanks
  15. I made a favicon, and placed it on my site, it works perfectly. As I have many pages, on three different languages, and many sections in each languages. So the data stored in my host is arranged as per different languages, then each related topics are in deferent folders. If I create a favicon, as I did, then is there any way that all pages should have same favicon, with the help of any code. It is difficult manually to open each page, go to code, and place that favicon code in . As I have more than 3000 php pages, all in 368 different folders. Any suggestion
  16. hello cugopob.vlad i tried your code, is too lengthyit and gives error, see it here: http://www.fazlionline.com/school/killer01.html I liked jlhaslip's Script hi jlhaslip, will u plz help me just to add one field for email only!!! or see the form agian: http://www.fazlionline.com/school/email01.html Thansk
  17. ok but what is: if the database is not created, so how i can give its user name and pass
  18. Hi all Is this possible to create a database in mysql with the help of PHP? If yes, what is the syntax? Thanks
  19. I made the changes as you told, but it still give error. At this time, no email is sent to my inbox. My new code is: <?php if($_POST['button']){ mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers); } $email=$_POST['email']; $to = $_POST['email']; $subject = $_POST['name']; $message = $_POST['message']; $headers = "From: $email" . "\r\n" . 'Reply-To: webmaster@example.com' . "\r\n" . 'X-Mailer: PHP/' . phpversion(); ?> The error I receive is: What is the solution? check it here: http://www.fazlionline.com/school/send_email_01.php
  20. Thanks Dear This was successful But have TWO problems: 1. When I go to this page, an email is automatically sent to my inbox. 2. I write the email address in ?Email? box, but it not appears in the email received, it just says ?From: "$_POST@yahoo.com" <$_POST@yahoo.com>". 3. Is sending emails direct to inbox is safe. Please check http://www.fazlionline.com/school/send_email_01.php again Thanks
  21. Send us your feed back: Name: Message:
  22. Hi All I have a form: http://www.fazlionline.com/school/send_email_03.php I want if anyone fill this form and press the button, the given information should be sent to me. But it not works Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '@' in E:\inetpub\vhosts\fazlionline.com\httpdocs\school\send_email_03.php on line 2 Can anyone help me? !!!I want my script so simple!!! Is there anything needed. Thanks
  23. Hello ?Thelma?, ?Susie? and ?Im? Did you see my first blog? It has a thanksgiving page to all of you. http://www.fazlionline.com/wordpress/ Visit and give comments? Thanks to everyone
  24. Dear Thelma Are you a Philosopher? Your sentences are like the philosopher, which take time for me to understand. Like: This sentence may be so simple to you, but I was unable to get what you mean, as I live in Central Asia and my English is not good as yours. You may write ( as i got) : Do not mind, but if you write clearly what you mean by your reply, it will help me understand sooner. In my post number 3 when I asked you, you could also replay with ?YES? or ?NO?. If I was right, then ?Yes?, if not, then ?No? and the details/reason! I appreciate your good work for www.killersites.com, as you are always the first to replay to my question in this forum, and I am so thankful for that. I still do not understand what you mean, should I write: 1. www.killersites.com 2. killersites [dot] com 3. Killersites (This not means that you will not replay to any of my question in the future, I only want to explain, not to hurt you, if you are hurt by me, I apologize for that) Thanks Fazlionline
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