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  1. Hello Everyone What is metadata? Why we use metadata? How can I use metadata in my website?
  2. Hi everyone My boss told me to make a ?photo story? I do not know what the photo story is. He told me that there are some images with captions and left and right arrow, a picture and its story appears to a side, after few second, it disappears and another picture with its own caption appears in the same place, then the third and fourth or so on. Can anyone tell me how to make this? I Googled about this and found in BBC Urdu http://www.bbc.co.uk/urdu/ You may not understand the language, but you can see numbers from one to 4 in the middle of the page Click on each number and news photo stories will come without reloading the page
  3. The company for whom I made this website, they want to complete their website first, then have a domain and will upload it there. So this is not available online now May I past the coding here, you can paste it in your editor and check it
  4. falkencreative: i am working in WAMP and my site is not online yet.
  5. Wow I have checked my site on some other browsers: Firefox: DO NOT SHOW a long scrollbar at bottom Google Chrome: SHOW a long scrollbar at bottom Opera: SHOW a long scrollbar at bottom Netscape: DO NOT SHOW a long scrollbar at bottom Apple Safari: SHOW a long scrollbar at bottom It means that I have problem in my coding Will anyone tell me why this happened?
  6. Thelma: As I was working in internet explorer for a year, and WAMP was using Firefox for default. Now I upgraded the current version to 8 from the yahoo downloads. After 2 days I copied the address form the dress bar in Firefox and paste it in internet explorer 8 And I saw the problem As I have not checked this site in the old version of IE, therefor I am not sure when the problem appeared. By removing, I mean, to uninstall the IE 8 and work back on the previous IE IM: I do not have other visions on my PC My I post my code here?
  7. How can I remove the internet explorer back?
  8. I have a BIG problem today I have a WampServer and its default Brower is Firefox. The main table is 800 pixel and other tables are inside this one Today I checked my site in Internet Explorer 8 and it has a LONG scroll bar at the bottom Will anyone tell me what the problem is?
  9. But I want to delete the older site. Will anyone tell me the whole process how to shift my data from old to the new server/website?
  10. Our website have news page, all the news headlines are there, if someone click on it, he goes to that specific new report. My boss told me to use RSS Feeds. I do not know how to make RSS Feeds Can anyone tell me how to make RSS Feeds?
  11. I have to delete my website form the current server which and make a new website with the same name in another server.
  12. Hi everyone I have a database with some tables in a website. Now our company decided to open a new website and permanently delete the old one. Will anyone tell me how to transfer that database form older site to the newer one? The data is too important and I do not want to lose it anyway.
  13. can i do it in FrontPage 2003, or other programme?
  14. Hi everyone I want to know if there is any command in DreamWeaver CS3, which brings today?s date and time at the end of the page, where I have wrote ?page was last updated on ?? Can anyone tell me how to do that?
  15. Thanks a lot Wickham I used that menu; it is exact what I needs. If you help me to solve some of its problem to make it best for my site, I will be so thankful. If I mouse over on it, the submenu opens and covers the other area to the right side. How to solve this? Thanks
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  17. Yes dear On internet I found many menus I found a good vertical menu but do not know how to make it horizontal And I found many horizontal menus but do not know how to make it vertical. If you got my point, now I want to exact code which makes the menu vertical or horizontal. As I know that the rest of menu is ul and li. Only one code can change the menu from vertical to horizontal or from horizontal to vertical. That is my problem Hope you will give the answer. Thanks
  18. I looked that menu But was unable to make the horizontal menu to vertical Code please
  19. Thanks to Thelma and everyone I was thinking of exact this menu http://www.visibilityinherit.com/code/drop-down-demo1.php Thanks again Now I have another question ? As this menu is horizontal, how can I make it vertical? This must be one script only, for example So how I can make it vertical as If you give me external example, I will be confused as I am from three months. Please give me the code. I faced the same problem, how to convert the horizontal menu to vertical. So if anyone gives me link, thanks to him. But if anyone gives me the code, I will too much thankful to him. Thanks to everyone
  20. I searched more than 47 menus there. Those menus are nice but I was unable to find the exact code to hide the submenu. I think it is better to write the code (just for hiding the submenu) instead of searching the code of more than 47 or more menu!!! Will any one give me the code for this? Just like: Sub menu status { Default: hidden; on mouse over: appear; } Copy my code from 13th post on this page and view it in DreamWeaver or other program, you will get what I mean. Thanks
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  22. Thanks you all Can anyone give me a link of a tutorial for li ul menu with dropdown? I have browsed the Listimatic, it is fantastic but there was not any drop down menu. (If this was given, I will tell you my second problem, it will make the issue easier) Thanks
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  24. Yes, I Google it and read many saw many example Bu I was unable to find the exact code which hides those submenus by default. For example li status= hidden Thanks
  25. Can anyone tell me how to hide the sub list by default? And then should be appear on mouse over My code is this ></pre> <ul> List one Sublist one Sublist two Sublist three List two List three Please do not give me other links, just type the code, how to hide Thanks
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