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  1. I posted a topic similar to this a while ago, but here is a more complicated version:


    HERE is the problem!


    Scroll down a bit and you will see several montages of photos. Each one of these is a PhotoShop creation, so each one is a "picture of pictures"


    Can this kind of layout be created with CSS? HOW? With in-line styling for each pix?


    My client would like to see complete "alt" attributes for each picture and that is just not happening with this layout!


    Hep me! Can you?



  2. You can do "bookmark this" functionality using just Javascript:


    <a href="javascript:window.external.AddFavorite('http://www.Your-Website.com/','Name Of The Bookmark')">Bookmark This Page</a>

    Otherwise, there are always services like AddThis that I have used in the past, in case they want social media services as well.


    HMM! I copy/pasted your code into my index page using chimneyrockinn.net for the "Your-website" and Chimney Rock Inn, NC for the "Name Of The Bookmark". When I tried to click on the link, nothing happened. But that is not too surprising as I was viewing the site off of my home computer.


    Should this work if I post it on the net? In other words did I use your code correctly?


    (I am more than a little ignorant about javascript!)


    Thanks again!



  3. @Ben


    That was not the whole answer, but surely the good answer!


    Why are you not incredibly wealthy and world renowned? With answers like that you should have riches bestowed upon yourself! (Flowers. instead, showered upon you!)


    (Can you tell I am doing a "happy dance" here?)


    THIS is what it looks like now.





  4. I have this table with four "row-groups" of categories. I would like to shade the groups differently. I know about <colgroup> and <colspan>.


    I have tired styling the <tr>'s with CSS. I tried to enclose the needed <tr>'s in a div. None of that worked worth a spit in a windstorm!


    THIS is where you can find the table. I want to group "Amenities" and its associated items. Then "provided" etc.


    Awaiting an answer that will make me swear at my stupidity!





  5. Thanks Andrea, that would work.


    I have ten of these montages to do, with five or six other pictures added to each, so I think a Photoshop solution is probably the way to go for me.


    The only problem with that is that search engines will not be able to read any of my captions, but that is probably not a great concern at this level.



  6. Well! It's a bit like comparing apples and oranges. They are both fruits, and therefore related. So it is with graphics-design and web-design.


    Graphics is a wide field: Industrial design, illustration, fashion design, advertising design etc. and including web design - as far as designing the LAYOUT of a web-site.


    Web design is more technical in that you will need to learn basic HTML and CSS as well as some computer languages such as php and others. This will teach you how to make your graphic web layout functional as a web-site.


    Both fields are intensely competitive! So in order to make a decent living at it, you have to be GOOD at it! The key is Practice, practice, practice and learn, learn learn!


    Good luck!



  7. Hi!


    I am trying to create a picture montage where the individual photos (and their captions) are overlapping. Hopefully this can be done with in-line styling, but I forget how to do that! :rolleyes:


    See This attempt where the little pix is below the big one. I want to move the little one up on top of the big one.




    Would I be better off just creating the montage in Photoshop and presenting it as just one composite image?





  8. In this basic web design video tutorial, Stefan teaches you about linking from one page to another and how to understand paths properly.




    For more information on web design and web programming, check out our Killer Video Store and our Killersites Video Tutorial Library!


    Note that all of our videos are in a higher quality when purchased from our Killer Video Store or by subscription to our Video Tutorial Library!







    So, your question is????????????

  9. BTW, the "fix" works just a well with a padding of (much) less than 10px! I have now reduced it to padding: 4px 0; and everything centers up vertically and beautifully!


    Tara-tarata-tata: - (Still doing that happy dance!)


    Thanks Susie, one of the best answers I have received since "Billy Boy" spanked me for a silly interpretation of something!


    I don't want to leave any of you guys and gals out of my kudos. You know who you are and you are all going to heaven!



  10. In the ongoing saga of my client's efforts to increase the traffic to his site via "keywords" he posed the following question to me:


    If we use "Lake Lure cabin rentals" is that the same as using the words separately?"

    i.e. "lake lure" and "cabin" and "rentals"?


    My first reaction would be to use "Lake Lure" and "Cabin rentals"


    Any thoughts?



  11. Same problem site as mentioned recently. THIS SITE.


    I would like to more vertically align the text in the menu items at left. But note the two-line item towards the bottom of the list.


    I suspect the only way to do that is to use "in-line styling", but I conveniently forgot how to do that since being beat about the head regarding how NOT to do that!




    Thanks! Alfie

  12. I am playing around with THIS site. I just tested it in IE7 and IE6, and in those I get scroll-bars along the side and bottom as in



    This screenshot. (Don't know whether that screenshot will come through!)


    IE8 and up and FF works just dandy.


    I am sure it has to do something with IE's quirky margins, but I don't know the fix for it! If there is a fix, should I bother?





  13. Applying a noindex robot tag will only prevent most spiders from indexing your page. So using it is not recommended unless you would to block a page.


    A better way is to use robot.txt file. You can allow and disallow whatever files/folders you desire.






  14. I wouldn't recommend cutting Eddie's image down to 1 or 2px, because then the texture on the right hand side won't repeat the same way. It could be cut down to half probably so that the top part fits in seamlessly with the bottom part.


    Absolutely correct virtual. I tried an about 15px cut and it looks TOO repetitive.


    I shall change it to the original "repeat" pattern which is about 100px high.




    Thanks so much for all your brilliant inputs!



  15. I have been reading a bit on the web regarding SEO and the use of keywords.

    When they mention "keywords", do they mean the words listed in the meta-tags

    (<meta name="keywords". . .>), or do they mean key words in headers etc.? Or both?




    Thanks! Alfie

  16. There's nothing wrong with what I said design-wise. It's not cutting any corners, using any bad code, or doing anything else objectable, its just a good way to sidestep the problem you're having.


    But I like Eddie's solution, it's even easier than what I said - and you don't even have to make that image as high as it is (one or two pixels high would be enough) and can save even more on the size.


    You know! Just after sending that reply to you Andrea, I was driving down the highway to do some errands, and thinking: "Andrea is not stupid! I am!"


    Then the real intent of your answer hit me: "OF COURSE YOU DUMB SWEDE, THE MAIN DIV GOES ON TOP OF THE GREEN!!"


    Brilliant! and yes Eddie's is even more brilliant!


    Thanks both of you, you clever devils...



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