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  1. Not being able to read the text, I can not comment on the content, but here are a couple of thoughts:


    1. The color contrast in the bottom (beige) section is terrible!
    2. The design gives no clue as to what the site is about. Alien visitors from outer space?


    I'm sure you will have more comments coming.



  2. OK! I read Kyle's (LSW's) response with a "raised eyebrow". I know well LSW's concerns regarding accessibility. We should all be as concerned with that issue as he is!


    My "raised eyebrow" was caused by the question of how tabular data could be perceived by disadvantaged viewers to be confusing?


    Maybe I have not caught enough of the wisdom displayed in this forum, but some more details of the problems encountered by our disadvantaged users of the web would be helpful.




    All best! Alfie

  3. Welcome James!


    If you are serious about developing yourself into a web designer, you have indeed come to the right place!


    I can not call myself anything close to "an expert", but everything I have learned as a web designer, so far, has been gleaned from here.


    Listen, learn, make mistakes and get the corrections from here!


    Best of luck!



  4. A customer of mine recently talked with a representative from the an Optimization Service. The follow-up e-mail to my customer is (partially) quoted below.


    Anyone familiar with this service? Comments?



    It was a pleasure speaking with you today about our Maps Optimization Service and how this service will help your business grow online in local directories like Google Maps.


    This demonstration is about Google Maps' scoring methods and your current placement in Google Maps. This information is not relevant to the scoring methods of Sponsored Links and/or the Organic Section below the Map. Google Maps' current scoring methods have little to almost no relationship with your website's page rank and/or content. A large percentage of Google Maps scoring method is reliant upon Citations, the quality of business data found in various Local Directories.





  5. I have developed THIS website for a client. She likes it well enough (Although I am not personally thrilled with it! And it is, of course, unfinished!)


    It, obviously, need a shopping cart to be fully functional.


    This is way over my head to accomplish!


    Any body interested in tackling this task?





  6. I have tried every path arrangement I can think of. I can get the logo on the index.html page and the productList.html page. However, because the CSS page is in the cssTutorial folder, and the the tables_tutorial page is inside the tableTutorial folder which is inside the cssTutorial folder, I cannot seem the insert the logo.I would appreciate anymore suggestions.





    Time to put your thinking cap on!


    Make believe you are in the folder of the HTML page you are working on. Where is the graphic to which you are trying to link? In another folder, right? Is the target folder at your same level? Probably not! (You do not say in which folder the "killersites.gif" graphic resides. [at least I do not think you have!])


    To go UP one level you use "../" (no quotes), so your path may look something like <img src="../cssTutorial/tableTutorial/killersites.gif"> Keep in mind that all "names" are case sensitive so cssTutorial is NOT the same as CSSTutorial.


    Note that this same regimen applies to ALL paths, so if your css file is on another level than your current html page, you have to "point" to it in the same fashion.


    You seem to have a rather confusing organization to your work. Maybe simplifying that would help?


    Good luck!



  7. Thanks to your suggestion I am able to insert the logo on the index.html page and the productList page. Unfortunately, I am still having problems inserting it in the CSS and tables_tutorial page. The CSS page is inside the cssTutorial folder. The tables_tutorial page is inside the tableTutorial folder which is inside the cssTutorial folder.


    This is the code I am using to try to insert the logo on the CSS page: <img src="images/killer_logo.gif/cssTutorial" border="0">


    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Looks like you have a path-problem!


    The "forward-slash" symbol (/) means essentially "look within". Therefore the "killer_logo.gif" (which is the item you are pointing to,)needs to be the LAST entry in the path!


    Right now you are looking for "cssTutorial" inside a folder called "killer_logo.gif".


    Keep on plugging!



  8. I am following Stefan's video course on Beginner's PHP. When I try to test the mail-function from within my "Local Host" (via WAMP), I get the following error message:


    Warning: mail() [function.mail]: Failed to connect to mailserver at "localhost" port 25, verify your "SMTP" and "smtp_port" setting in php.ini or use ini_set() in C:\wamp\www\PHP Testing\Form Experiment\form_try.php on line 10


    I suspect it is a "path thing". Here is my php code so far:




    $first_name = $_POST["name_first"];

    $surname = $_POST["name_last"];


    //print "First name: {$first_name} <br> with a Surname of: {$surname}";


    $email_message = "First name: {$first_name} with a Surname of: {$surname}";


    mail('daddyalfie@gmail.com','I have a Response!',$email_message);



  9. @ Andrea: I never thought I would have to correct YOU!! It is clear: both; and it did not work either anyway.


    @ akurtula: Thanks and I shall investigate the "overflow" property. That sounds interesting!


    What I do not understand properly is the "display: inline;" CSS property. Would that put the thumbnails "All-In-A-Row"? (or is that in-line ?)


    Thanks for looking!



  10. On THIS web-page I floated-left the thumbnail links at the top in a <ul> so as to display them in line. But then the "I" in the first paragraph below (I remember...) floated right up with the thumbnails! I solved it by adding margin-right to the <li> until it was pushed down to where it belongs.


    I first tried to add clear: left; to the paragraph CSS, but that screwed everything up beyond recognition!


    I know there must be a smarter way to fix this!


    As always - thanks! Alfie

  11. I just knew it had to be something idiotically simple like that!


    Sorry to be wasting your time, but - of course - that was the problem. Now I shall fix the #main p issue with a margin instead as I should have done in the first place.


    Many thanks!



  12. Hi!


    I am working on this web page. I have used the same form before with no problems and copied / pasted it into the HTML (And the CSS into the CSS file.)


    Why the hairy hell do the field-borders stretch way off to the right? :bash:


    Going nuts here!


    As always - thanks!



  13. Your request seems, (to me at least), somewhat like: "Here is a Cadillac, - how do make one?"


    Not to discourage you, but that is a pretty sophisticated design!


    Do listen and learn, from Andrea and the other experts in this forum. They have saved my butt many times!




    (@ Andrea: your patience and dedication is amazing! You are very quickly approaching the value of "BillyBoy" and LSW!)

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