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  1. Hi,

    I started the course on 1 Aug and was able to complete the first part today, i have tried all questions, now i will move to the project section, should i start working on applying for freelance jobs as well ? How many projects in the projects sections should i complete before attempting any freelance work , will i need any further course on wordpress ?

    Kindly guide.



  2. Hi,

    I recently started the php videos and as stefan suggested to go inside the conf folder and search for display_errors and turn it on, i did it but was not able to see the errors on the page, i was surprised and kept repeating for some time, then when i searched for the word php.ini in phpinfo file i saw it showing a different path ---


    The file was actually inside the bin directory php directory and so on, so when i went inside there and changed it , it worked, just thought of sharing it as there are 2 locations where you find the php.ini and you need to search for it inside. the phpinfo()  as to from where it is loading...




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  3. @TwoCats - Hello and welcome , i was also into action script and games development but as flash was discontinued first by apple and then by every one else every thing kind of collasped, i now want to start in web development, i was a member of one other forum and they do talk about knowing  backend stuff as well, every one seems to agree that HTML+CSS+JavaScript and PHP/mySql is really very much in demand and everyone is raving about nodejs as well ....

    I am a subscriber to the IWD(interactive web developer course)

    I have completed the HTML course and about 30% of CSS course and i can say that it is a great course, stefan has chosen to call them introductory but believe me he goes very deep in to what he called "nerd" topics but not in a rush ...

    I will surely say for some one who has been there and done that , this will not be very difficult ... 


    Wish you good luck which ever way you decide ....




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