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  1. virtual

    image as background-image?

    Oops, I saw that typo too in the reply. Hopefully Dina removed the quotes and the -image and did not copy and paste my typo. Next step is to make sure that your CSS is calling the right image and that there isn't a typo in there too for example an underscore instead of a dash. As you can see from my mistake a lot of grief can come from a typo. Susie is right, can you give a link to the page, much easier to identify the problem.
  2. virtual

    Dw changes file creator

    Sorry, I don't know how to stop DW doing this, but you can easily change them back. Right click on your file, on a PC click on "Properties" on a MAC "get info", then change the "Opens with" back to whatever program it was.
  3. virtual

    image as background-image?

    This has happened to me several times too. Change the following in your body tag background-image: url('images/dark_pixel.jpg') repeat-x; to background: url(images/dark_pixel.jpg) repeat-x; In other words don't add -image to background and remove the quotes. Also there is no background image in your header css. Hope this helps [Mod Edit - I fixed the typo in the code line provided by virtual to avoid confusion]