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  1. I have a custom media player and I have my sound files playing when I click the play/pause button and segment buttons that I have created but I don't know how to make the play/pause button pause. I have a forward and back btn that I want to have working so that it will go to the previous and next sound file. I have a stop btn that stops all sounds. When I click segment 1 it plays and when I click segment 2 it plays but segment 1 keeps playing. I want to have it where if I click 1 of them it plays but when I click a different one, the first sound stops and the second file plays. My whole website is in 1 layer and the pages are in different frames. My media player is in frame 9. Here is my actionscript for frame 9: mysound1 = new Sound(); mysound1.attachSound("segment1"); segment1_btn.onRelease = function() { mysound1.start(); } mysound2 = new Sound(); mysound2.attachSound("segment2"); segment2_btn.onRelease = function() { mysound2.start(); } mysound3 = new Sound(); mysound3.attachSound("segment3"); segment3_btn.onRelease = function() { mysound3.start(); } mysound4 = new Sound(); mysound4.attachSound("segment4"); segment4_btn.onRelease = function() { mysound4.start(); } mysound5 = new Sound(); mysound5.attachSound("segment5"); segment5_btn.onRelease = function() { mysound5.start(); } playButton.onRelease = function() { mysound1.start(); } stopButton.onPress = function() { stopAllSounds(); } slider_1.onPress = function(){ this.startDrag(true, _root.groove_1._x,_root.groove_1._y, _root.groove_1._x + 98,_root.groove_1._y); } slider_1.onRelease = function(){ this.stopDrag(); } slider_1.onMouseMove = function(){ newPoint = Object(); newPoint.x = this._x newPoint.y = this._y _root.groove_1.globalToLocal(newPoint); _root.mysound1.setVolume(-1*newPoint.x); }
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