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  1. I still haven't had a chance to try it out yet. My problems could be b/c of Firefox. I should create a profile that has a trimmed down set of addons because I use a lot and it eats up my RAM. Ff can peak over 350MB on a regular day of work. And it might only happen with certain hosts or php settings. I'll have to keep track of it now b/c I wonder if happens on hosts that have a PHP memory limit setting or execution time.
  2. Well, it depends on the client. Some are as small as a meg and others can be about 20 megs. But I don't know if it is the database or phpmyadmin. I just assumed the larger db's are to blame although I'm reading that phpmyadmin is hefty and may be a bit bloated.
  3. I like phpmyadmin - I need it at least a couple times a week - but it can crash Firefox and hang my computer with large databases. Has anyone tried any of the alternatives like http://phpminiadmin.sourceforge.net & http://www.sqlbuddy.com ? I'm going to upload sqlbuddy and see how it works.
  4. We do have 'New Posts' and 'Active Topics' as the top of the page that should satisfy that ... no? Please remind me in the new year to look into putting the top 5 'active topics': http://www.killersites.com/forums/search/recent/ ... on the home page. Stefan I didn't see those - thanks!!!
  5. I never realized how much I depended upon the recent and top thread view of the old forum until just now.
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