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  1. hi guys, i have had the same and my solution is to use <?php include 'includes/menu.html'; ?>


    what this means is separate your website into individual elements e.g. header, left content, right content, footer etc


    But the key here is to create separate pages for each section of your website.


    Note what I said in my first post:-


    If you use a complete page as an "include" file with .html or .htm for the

    filename extension the final processed page will have two doctypes, two

    html tags, two head sections, etc. in an unusual place which is not a

    good idea.


    You will get duplications all the way through your page, which may display correctly but when you look at the source of the processed online page it will be difficult to sort it all out, and shouldn't be done this way in my view; the include files should only be the minimum code required for repetition.

  2. Your page http://w ww.keystonekrawlers.com/joinus/joinus.htm does center in Firefox but not in IE7.


    I downloaded your files and the same thing happened with my local version. I saw that at the very top of your file you have:-


    where the html tag and body tag are above the doctype, when the doctype must be first so I changed it to:-






    and the following bit should be after the closing tag a bit further down.


    style="background-image: url('../images/EC5Tex-Diamond3.jpg');

    background-attachment: fixed">


    That was my first edit! I haven't looked any further.


    As a general rule; a browser process from the top, so it works down through the doctype which tells it the standards to use and minimises the amount of guessing that it will have to do, then it should fetch a css stylesheet(s)

    href="jansterstyle1090110.css" media="screen" />


    and then work through stles just for that page inside tags except that your page has the stylesheet between two sets of style tags, so I would recommend moving the stylesheet link up before the first style tag.


    Then the browser starts processing the markup in the body section and operates any inline styles within tags there like



    so inline styles get processed last and overide those in head section style tags which overide the general styles in a separate stylesheet which will be applicable to more than one page.

  3. "Click", a Saturday TV program in the UK, showed Steve Balmer introducing Windows 7 beta, but after Googling just now it seems that it's been pulled because of heavy demand.


    I know plenty of people who haven't got Vista yet because hardware or software won't run on it. I still use my old XP computer heavily because I like it; my webcam manufacturer is not providing a new driver for Vista for the Philips ToUcam Pro.


    It seems that a lot of people may miss out on Vista and wait for 7 as XP is so successful and will be supported for a few more years.


    The heavy demand for 7 beta does show that people are prepared to try it, but I won't even think about it yet.

  4. The q, cite and address elements are not new, they appear on the w3schools list of elements


    so I thought I would do a quick check.

    q { color: red; }

    address { color: green; }

    cite { color: blue; }


    Tom Smith


    26 This Road



    This is a citation

    This is a quotation


    In IE6 and IE7 the q text was just plain black text, but in Firefox, Opera, Safari and IE8 it was black in "...." when I expected red text.


    In IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers the address and cite elements produced italic text with the styled colors.


    Although these are supposed to be available now I've never seen a webpage on this forum or anywhere else that uses them.

  5. I've been looking at the new element tags in these webpages:-




    section, article, aside, header, footer, nav, dialog, figure, audio, video, embed (new use), mark, meter, time, canvas, command, datagrid, details, datalist, datatemplate, rule, nest, event-source, output, progress, ruby, type


    and new attributes:-


    media, ping, value, charset, autofocus, and others


    Will these be any use to someone designing a site for the general public who will have old browsers? I can only see them being of use in a company intranet where all computers have new browsers or where the website users are all high-tech IT people, like university computer departments. If we use them in websites for the general public, will the pages display in any reasonable way? If I use


    I also notice that the existing list of tags includes q, cite and address, does anybody use them? Do they work in IE6? Or is it just that you have to add a style to each like h tags and otherwise they are normal text, except that screen readers read out the tag name?


    I realise that HTML 5 is not yet available, but I'd like to know whether any of it will actually be useable.

  6. Use just HTML 4.01 (soon to be upgraded to HTML 5.0).


    The problem is that major browsers are so forgiving and flexible, they guess when they meet a problem. There's another post on this forum which I answered today which used XHTML 1.1 (and didn't have any content type meta tag) and it worked without the XHTML 1.1 having any effect, and no effect when I added content="text/html", because it just treats it all as HTML, but it's not correct!

  7. There is a scrolling issue in 1024*768 in IE7; I've found the answer now.



    #navbar li li{ float:none; }

    into the stylesheet, I added it after #navbar li {...} but it probably doesn't matter where you add it. IE7 was still trying to float: left from the #navbar li style which was pushing the dropdowns out to the right (in theory, but it didn't show like that).


    Also add a closing tag because you opened it just after the first ul tag


    but that wasn't the cause of the problem.


    You will have lots of validation errors because of the conditional comment and tables for IE6; nothing you can do except change the menu structure.


    Add a character charset in the head section


    You also need to change the doctype and html tag from XHTML 1.1 to





    or preferably just HTML 4.01 as XHTML 1.1 is not supposed to be associated with content="text/html". See LSW's reply here



    Validate here http://validator.w3.org/


    The drop down menus didn't work in IE6 from my local version until I added a link to a behavior file csshover.htc - download version Version 1.42.060206 (:hover and :active)


    no need to look in it, you won't understand it, just put it in the same folder/directory as the html file and put this in the



    It's because you have a hover on the li tags and IE6 doesn't work a hover on li tags. I realise that you have a special style

    #navbar li a:hover ul li a:hover{ /* IE6 hack */





    which attempts to make the hover only on the "a" tags but for some reason it wasn't working for me, so there's no harm in adding the behavior htc file and the conditional comment just to make sure.

  9. It's very strange that it happens only for IE and the scrollbar only goes away when hovering over the resume button.


    I've discovered that if you remove two (any two) li tags from the resume ul tag the scrollbar does not occur.


    I've tried retyping them but it makes no difference unless two are removed (the portfolio button also has four li tags but it doesn't occur because of them).

  10. I have a client with a list of almost 300 email adresses and wants to put that information in a web page


    Email addresses in a web page?? BE CAREFUL - spambots will take them unless you mung (Mash Until No Good) them with javascript or some other way.

  11. Many people make an image as a square or rectangle of a certain size which has borders (perhaps shadows or color-graded) with nothing in the middle and then place the content in the middle, but this means a fixed width and height for the page.


    You can split the borders into a horizontal top say 15px high, a horizontal bottom 15px high, place those in separate divs at top and bottom and then have 15px wide images floated left and right in the main content div so that it has flexible height.


    If you create small corner images say 15*15px and float them into the corners you can then have flexible width and height by using small background-images for the horizontal and vertical sides which have repeat-x or repeat-y or an adequate length say 15*1000px.


    See item 12 here:- http://w ww.wickham43.net/specialeffects.php which has flexible height but can be made to have flexible width.

  12. I'm confused about what you've got. If you've got it working in DW then it still sounds like a path problem, not a godaddy setting problem. This is what I would do:-


    On your computer in DW:-

    website folder (equivalent to the root public/html directory on your host's server)

    sub-folder called say website1 with html and php files

    sub-sub-folder called flash with flash1.swf file (flash file with buttons)


    On your hosts's server godaddy

    root public/html directory

    sub-directory called website1 with html and php files

    sub-sub-directory called flash with flash1.swf file


    links to the flash file with buttons from the main html or php file should be flash/flash1.swf

    and links from the buttons in the flash file with buttons to other main files in the folder directory website1 above should be ../newpage.html or to an absolute url http://w ww etc.

  13. XHTML 1.1 is just Strict (no transitional) and should use content="application/xhtml+xml" instead of content="text/html", but then IE6 has serious problems.


    If you use XHTML 1.0 with content="text/html" then that's tag soup and back to plain HTML.


    For your purple image border, put in img { border: none; } to get rid of link state border colors in the whole website.

  14. Always create the directory structure on your host's server identical with the folder structure on your computer.


    Flash files can go in any folder/directory as long as the structure is the same in both places.


    Most people create separate folders and directories for images and css files but if you only have one flash file, put it in the same folder/directory as the html file. Then you don't have to worry about the path.


    (thats just part of the code for flash)

  15. Thanks for the help, Eric. Your audio (I like it) uses a .swf file and I can make flash work but my file was a simple .wav file which needs different code.


    I have now decided to use the second code which uses two object tags and a nested embed tag as that works in Opera (no idea why the original single object tag and nested embed tag doesn't work now when it did with old Opera versions).


    I've discovered why Firefox was having trouble, it was because I was using two controllers on the same page with the same test .wav file, as soon as I renamed one of them there wasn't a problem.

  16. I've found that a standard audio code using an object tag and a nested embed tag that used to work two years ago in Opera doesn't show the controller in the latest Opera version and plays the sound immediately when it shouldn't.


    IE6, IE7, Fiefox, Safari and Google work properly with the first code in the following test file.


    Opera works with another code I found but it causes problems for Firefox so I don't want to use that code.


    http://w ww.wickham43.com/forumposts/sound-test-opera.html


    Please test in Opera and Firefox. Any ideas for a code that works properly in Opera and Firefox? It can't be plugins or settings because both browsers play the sound with one or other code, but I can't get them both to work with a single code.

  17. Does it only happen on your computer? Ask a friend to check. If it's only your computer, is there some accessibility function that spaces lines that's accidentally been turned on?


    If it happens on all computers with a certain browser, all I can suggest is to put in a general style for line-height: 1.3 (or 130%) in the body style and styles for p and h tags

    p { margin: 5px 0; }

    h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 { margin: 8px 0; }

    and see if that cures it.


    Are you using Word as a text editor? It does do strange things with " and ' and might be causing line-height problems.


    I notice that when I copy/paste from Notepad into this forum I get double spacing and I have to clear the spaces, but that doesn't happen to html files.

  18. The usual reason is that the path to the css file is not the same as it is on your computer.


    Check your own folder system first; is the css file in the same folder as the html file, a lower folder or the folder above?


    Look at the directory structure in your host's server, check that it has been uploaded and see where the css file is and move it up or down one level if required.


    In your html file

    is for a css file in the same folder/directory

    is for a css file in a (lower) sub-directory called css

    is for a css file in the folder'directory above the one holding the html file.


    If it works on your own computer you should'nt need to change the above, just look at it and make sure the host's structure is the same.

  19. Add in

    to the object tag and controller="true" autostart="false" into the embed tag


    and see if it adds the controller (from a default audio program on someone's computer, probably Windows Media Player).


    I'm not sure whether the codes and play="false" are correct; try it with and then without them with my codes.


    Some general advice on audio is here:-

    http://w ww.wickham43.net/soundandvideo.php (delete space in url)

    item 2 if you use the embed tag or item 3 if you use the object tag

    but I don't claim to be an expert in audio and video, it's often complicated by the number of codes and formats.

  20. Your page didn't activate the show/hide for JETTISON in either IE7 or Firefox and the page loaded extremely slowly.


    All the files from w ww.megainsurance.com were probably the cause. I tried to download https://w ww.megainsurance.com/HM/common/js/hideshow.js

    individually as this one controls the show/hide but it timed out.


    Check why this is or use a simpler show/hide code like:-

    ht tp://javascript.internet.com/miscellaneous/expand-collapse-paragraph.html (click the blue buttons)

    as demonstrated on item 8 here:-

    http://w ww.wickham43.net/javascript.php


    (Delete spaces in urls above)

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