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  1. Women drivers do the same thing all the time; I've just seen one coming out of a supermarket entrance instead of the exit' date=' just to save a few seconds.[/quote']That is NOT the same - and you mentioned it right here - 'to save a few seconds' - it's because women are on a mission to take care of their families - it's a sacrifice they make for them. They are heroes. That man Kyle wrote about, was only showing off and didn't have the brains to tell him that the DMV - Police parking lot may not be the best setting for his tricks.


    However, if you see me entering through the exit or vica versa, it's probably because I took a wrong turn and didn't even notice until somebody honked.....


    Families, especially the kids - they drive everyone to crime :mad:

  2. There's nothing wrong with your code. You have the conditional comment after the main stylesheet link so that it will be processed last and only apply to IE6, that's OK and should work.


    However, don't use XHTML 1.1, we recommend HTML 4.01 on this forum as XHTML 1.1 is only for special XML functions, not ordinary websites. You can use XHTML 1.0 but the code content="text/html" just changes XHTML 1.0 back to HTML so it's pointless to use XHTML 1.0.

  3. You could use an iframe and have a list of links in a scrollable div at the side, so that the height of the scrollable div matches the height of the iframe, with all links targetted at the iframe.


    I know others on this board don't approve of iframes, but they have there uses occasionally.


    Otherwise it sounds like a job for Ajax (a type of Javascript) which is beyond my capabilities.

  4. It's difficult to understand what the problem is without an online page to look at and download all your code with images, but I made nmy own images 100*125px and tried your code.


    I could only see a minor difference between IE7 and Firefox where Firefox showed the WELCOME and Note: text about 10px lower. This is due to the default top margins being different in IE7 from Firefox and I made them the same by adding this style:-


    h1, #sidebar p { margin-top: 5px; }


    You are using the XHTML 1.1 doctype but this will probably give problems in IE6; this board recommends HTML 4.01 (which will soon be superseded by HTML 5). XHTML 1.0 can be used with a content="text/html" which just processes the page as HTML, so what's the point of using XHTML. XHTML should be used with XML content type instead of text/html which doesn't work in IE6.

  5. MySQL is a special type of database which most people use with PHP forms. I've never seen a form linked to a MS Access database.


    Stefan has some PHP tutorials (links at top right of this page) and I have a basic tutorial here:-

    http://w ww.wickham43.net/formphptomysql.php

    but it can get complicated and security issues probably need further coding.


    The MySQL data can be exported in a number of formats including Excel but I'm not sure if it can be exported to Access but I wouldn't be surprised if it could.

  6. I don't use Dreamweaver and you haven't shown your code, but at a guess I would say that the basic div width is 750px and either padding or margins or borders are increasing the total width to 756. Are your shadows each 3px wide?


    Reduce the div width to 744px and, assuming that there's nothing inside the div which exceeds 744px like an image or several inner divs, you may correct the problem.

  7. This sorts it out with a sticky footer like item 1a in my previous post's link:-

    http://w'>http://w ww.wickham43.com/forumposts/lesleyticanew090212.html

    CSS file:-

    http://w ww.wickham43.com/forumposts/lesleypublic090212.css


    I started by making the #footer not position: absolute so that it sits below the #wrapper div. As noted, you had all the others position: absolute too, so the #wrapper needs to be position: relative with a height (not 100%) and the position: absolute divs sit inside it. I haven't edited any of the top and left positions so you may need to fine-tune them.


    The TICA Home and Members links were out of position in IE7 because of the top margin on the

    tag so I added a style for this to make it 0.


    Some height: 100% were deleted.


    I then added position: fixed; bottom: 0; to #footer and a margin-bottom: 35px; to #wrapper so that there is space for the #footer.


    IE6 doesn't operate position: fixed so the #wrapper margin-bottom needs to be 0 in a conditional comment in the head section and IE6 will just show the #footer under the #wrapper.


    The title in the html markup has been deleted and the page validates.

  8. Your footer style is:-

    #footer {

    height: 88px;

    width: 1001px;

    clear: both;

    position: absolute;

    bottom: 0px;

    background-image: url('images/footer-psd.jpg');



    where clear: both; has no effect for a position: absolute div as they take no account of the position of other elements, so clear: both means nothing.


    Your #footer starts at the bottom of the window after first loading the page, but when you scroll, it scrolls up, so get rid of position: absolute and keep the clear: both and let it sit under all the other content (it won't be a sticky footer which requires different code).


    If you want to try a sticky footer, items 1a and 1b here show different types:-

    http://w ww.wickham43.net/headerfooterfix.php

  9. I expect that there must be PHP code to check for the empty boxes, which returns true (they are empty) and an error page.


    It will look something like this:-

    // Code to check for empty input boxes


    elseif (empty($email) || empty($name) || empty($subject) || empty($component) || empty($size)) {


    header( "Location: $errorurl" );




    which will need editing to take out the field (variable) relating to the boxes that you do not want to raise an error when empty.


    Without seeing the PHP code, it's just my guess.

  10. #right.entire {float: right; width: 100%;}


    and possibly a clear: both; in a following div.


    Another option: Since it is now the only div, you probably don't need the float; so delete the #left div and create


    #right.entire {width: 100%; float: none;}


    And/Or leave the left div there in case you need it later;

    #left.none {float: left; width: 0; display: none;}

  11. If you succeed in changing .shtml to .php so that the page is processed as PHP, will the SHTML work? Some codes are different in SHTML. Unless AddHandler means that it processes both, which I think is unlikely.


    Does your hosting service support PHP?


    Why not use a SHTML "include" for a complete .php file set up with PHP? The included PHP file with doctype, html tag, head section and body should be processed as PHP first, then included by the SHTML "include". This would not involve any edits to .htaccess.

  12. is there a way to place elements such as images or even tables where you want them on the page?


    Use position: absolute; top: yyypx; left: zzzpx; for every element (div or table).


    Falkencreative says that it's complicated, but not necessarily if you have a simple layout. Just make sure that each element has enough height so that if someone increases text size, the text doesn't overflow onto a lower element, because each one is fixed from the top left corner of the screen and doesn't take any notice of any other element's position, which is why falkencreative says most professionals now use position: relative where each element relates its position to others.


    If you are a beginner, you may have more trouble with a flexible position: relative layout.

  13. I want to link my menu items to the same main region of the page


    If you mean an alternative to the target="" for frames to open a link in a defined area of the same page, then you probably need to use PHP.


    However, PHP is server-side processing, so the click on the link has to be fed back to the hosting service for processing and downloading again for a different display, unless a session can be used.


    Someone with more PHP knowledge than mine needs to answer this.


    I expect Javascript or Ajax (both client-side processing) could also do it.

  14. Position: relative finds a position for an element and then moves it relatively, but as you have discovered, it still leaves the original place available as a space, so you must use position: absolute.


    You need a containing div with position: relative (your class="all" already serves that purpose) ands then make the image divs position: absolute. When position: absolute divs are inside a position: relative div they take their positions from the top left corner of the div, not the top left corner of the screen, so if the position: relative div moves when centering, the position: absolute divs move with it keeping the same positions inside.


    Edit these:-


    .all {background-color: #ccccff; margin: 0 auto; width: 75%;

    height: auto; position: relative;}/*position: relative added*/


    div#geisha {background: url(images/geisha2.png) no-repeat;

    margin-left:12.5%; width: 170px; height: 200px; position:

    absolute;/*relative;*/ top: 40px;/*-470px;*/ overflow: hidden;}


    div#Cherry {background: url(images/CherryBlossom.png) no-repeat;

    position: absolute;/*relative;*/ top: 0;/* -710px;*/ width:75% ; height:

    500px; margin: 0 12.5% 0 12.5%; overflow: hidden;}


    Edit: your page centers in Firefox but not in IE7 because your doctype is incomplete; it should be:-


  15. The position: absolute method of centering is to use left: 50%; margin-left: negative half the div or image width; so edit:-


    background-position:top center;margin-top: ;}


    div.topbanner {

    top: 0;

    left: 50%;/*was 20%;*/

    margin-left: -200px; /*edit to - half the width*/

    width: 100%;

    height: px;

    position: absolute;




    You should not have a div in between style tags in the head section, move it into the body section.

  16. You've split your image into 20 images 25px wide which is a terribly complicated way to do it.


    Then you created a div id="background" and put the images inside as normal images.


    I was going to try to make it work on my computer but I can't even start without putting the image together as just one image. It should preferably be a background-image.


    You could have a normal image and then use position: absolute layer to place the menu on top, but it should be easier just to create a div 975px wide with a background-image 975px wide and the the menu will sit on top. See http://w ww.wickham43.net/layers.php for info on layers.


    Edit: you have spelt the style as backgound but the div id as id="background" so I found I couldn't make it work until I corrected the spelling. I used my own image 975*475px and added a height to the div and I think you should carry on from there:-


    #background { background-image: url(images/gray975x475.jpg);

    width:975px; height: 475px;


    }/*was spelt backgound*/


    Delete all images inside div id="background"

  17. bordercolor="#3d733b" is an old method used for tables, it won't work with divs.


    Edit the styles for the divs in my example above like this:-


    .col1, .col2, .col3 { float: left; width: 200px; height: 50px; border: 1px solid #ee678a; }

  18. You've got large heights, 1000px is more than the viewport height for most people, but it's the negative top positions with position: relative that are causing the problem. IE moves the top position up with the negative top size but still leaves a space where it would normally be.


    Delete all the negative top sizes and the heights over say 300px and then see what it looks like. It won't be sorted but then adjust divs without using negative top positions if possible.

  19. We don't recommend tables and td cells here for layout, try divs like this which produces three equal width columns with the same height. You can separate the styles for the columns and gve them different widths or heights if you want.

    br />"http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd"> 
    <br />#content { width: 600px; margin: auto; }<br />.col1, .col2, .col3 { float: left; width: 200px; height: 50px; }<br />.clear: { clear: both; width: 100%; height: 0; visibility: none; }<br />
    Column 1 row 1
    Column 2 row 1
    Column 3 row 1
    Column 1 row 2
    Column 2 row 2
    Column 3 row 2
    Column 1 row 3
    Column 2 row 3
    Column 3 row 3

  20. Your div #sidebar has float: left; but #mainContent doesn't and it causes a difference between the browsers. Add clear: both to #mainContent and they will show #mainContent at the same height.


    #mainContent { clear: both;


    width: 100%; /*was 100% */

    height: 450px; /* ie fyucks up here */

    margin: 0;



  21. I've now checked. The emulate IE7 meta tage cannot be edited to emulate IE6, to test pages in IE6 you still need another computer or a virtual machine (a virtual OS with IE6 on it) or one of the specialist programs.


    The emulate IE7 meta tag will not be in the final version of IE8, so Microsoft either expect IE8 to be good enough not to display badly or they expect web designers to get the code to be up to standard and validated error free.

  22. I've been using the same code in one of my forms but I just realised that it might not be working; on the other hand it hasn't raised any PHP warnings because I haven't got any variables defined for $headers or $string either so it may be OK; I just want clarification.

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