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  1. printjacket

    Print Jacket $20.00

    i am trying to list products on the page ,the picture will not show up .


    Edit the filename to scrub_pics/printjacket.jpg and edit the code to

    printjacketPrint Jacket $20.00


    .jpg is the same as .jpeg but some servers don't recognise .jpeg. Keep a copy of the original .jpeg file just in case you corrupt it editing the extension to .jpg, but that's unlikely.


    Also check the path to the folder images, the images folder should be inside the folder where your html file is.

  2. Edit

    and edit


    text-align: center;

    margin: 0 auto; /*auto;*/.......................


    IE 7 was adding a margin to the bottom, 0 auto means that top and bottom wil be 0 and sides auto. You are using IE8 which has not been released for general public use yet, so not many users will be using it, but it is more similar to Firefox than IE7 although there are still plenty of bugs.


    HR is surprisingly difficult to get right when only a few px high as browsers display it differently, some give it a border, some don't, some use background-color, others use color. Experts recommend not using hr but to use a div with a class instead with a background-color: #xxxxxx; height: ?px; line-height: ?px; font-size: ?px; border: 0; or a background-image instead of the color which will be displayed the same way in different browsers. See

    http://w ww.wickham43.net/generaladvice.php#horizontalrule for some comments and a div alternative.

  3. Well, for simplicity put all your files including image and css files in onlinepersonalwebsite (which will be the equivalent of the root directory of your hosting service server) and don't have any links with ../ and no sub-folder/directories, so all links will be like

  4. CSS
  5. and all images will be

    Image description


    You will need to learn to use sub-folders/directories when your site gets more files.

  6. Using Desktop as a folder won't help as it will be wrong when you upload to a server.


    You need a master folder/directory, say MyWebpages which will be equivalent to the root directory of your hosting service and put index.html in there and make sub-folder/directories inside that:-


    MyWebpages > index.html

    MyWebpages > root.css

    MyWebpages > cssTutorials > tables_tutorial.html

    MyWebpages > cssTutorials > css.html

    MyWebpages > products > productList.html

    MyWebpages > images > image.jpg


    The links in index.html will be like this:-

  7. Tables Tutorial
  8. CSS
  9. Products
  10. links to images in index.html would be images/image.jpg

    link to stylesheet in the head section


    The links in tables_tutorial.html and css.html will be:-

  11. Index
  12. Tables Tutorial
  13. CSS
  14. Products
  15. links to images in tables_tutorial.html and css.html would be ../images/image.jpg

    link to stylesheet in the head section


    The links in productList.html will be:-

  16. Index
  17. Tables Tutorial
  18. CSS
  19. Products
  20. links to images in productList.html would be ../images/image.jpg

    link to stylesheet in the head section


    It's a good idea not to have too many files in the root directory, usually just an index file, a root.css file and a favicon.ico file.


    Some links above link to the same page, so you can omit the link, but if you have a common menu they would stay there.

  21. Where hav eyou put the favicon.ico file? There must be one in the root directory for some browsers to pick up, and it doesn't need linking in the head section if in the root directory.


    The link code you have given is put in the head section of each page.


    The favicon.ico image should be uploaded to your root directory (the main first directory at your host where you should also have an index.html file). This is the directory that is searched if viewers just use a url like www.mydomain.com without specifying a particular folder or filename.


    Some browsers only need the favicon.ico in the root directory and then apply it to every file. Others seem to need it repeated in the head of an html file with this code:-



    or just where your html page is also in the root directory


    or where ../ indicates that the link is to the same image in the root directory but your page is in a sub-directory.


    It is probably best to put the favicon.ico in the root directory and also use the code in the head.

  22. You don't need to use separate classes in span tags unless you want the two words to have different styles.


    The reason the words are below the box is because of the default top margins which browsers use, they are different in each browser and because your font size is large, the margin is also larger than normal, so add margin-top: 5px; to the class:-


    .branding{ margin-top: 5px;

    font-family: Constantia,

    "Lucida Bright", Lucidabright,

    "Lucida Serif", Lucida,

    "DejaVu Serif", "Bitstream Vera Serif",

    "Liberation Serif", Georgia, serif;

    font-style: italic;

    font-size: 30pt;

    color: red;

    font-weight: bold;

    text-decoration: none;

    text-align: left;



    If you want the words to center, change text-align: left; to text-align: center;


    using your original markup:

    William Bradley Rouse


    For flush left bottom of the box, leave text-align: left; and adjust the top margin (margin-bottom is unreliable, using a bottom fix often doesn't work).


    IE7, IE8 and Firefox and other browsers should be the same if you state the margin-top.

  23. This is common code for an audio file:-

    You should be able to see a sound controller now, but if you see this, you're browser doesn't support the appropriate element or ActiveX is disabled.


    Edit autostart="false" to autostart="true" to start on page load, but what happens if a viewer is already listening to his favorit tune? There will be a conflict. Most people on this board will suggest that you add a controller and have the sound off so that a viewer can start it if he wants.


    You may have to add controller="true" with autostart="false" to give a viewer the choice but in my test the above code shows a default controller.

  24. Frames are not recommended for several reasons, one being that search engines can't read the file in the frame because it's a separate html page, but you can solve your music problem with one or two frames.


    If you put the music file in the frameset file and have just one frame with links targetted to that frame, music will play but because you cannot have anything display from a frameset file, you won't be able to have a controller.


    You can put the music file with a controller in a small top frame and have content in a lower frame with all links targetted to that frame, so that the controller and music don't change.


    PHP can probably do the same thing and might be a better solution.

  25. I made these edits:-


    to the stylesheet base_20081104.css:-


    .product-actions{position:relative;/*absolute;*/top:-45px;/*-10px;*/left:10px;float: left; margin-left: -240px; }


    which makes it position: relative as you wanted but I had to edit the top size as well. I don't know why I had to add the margin-left: -240px; perhaps you can sort that out, all I know is that it works.


    I moved the div class="tabset" position in the html file so that it includes the div class="product-actions" instead of them being separate:-



    Bella Swan Character Figure





    and deleted it lower down:-








    It works in IE7 and Firefox to keep the left side in position up at the top with the buttons and text below inside the blue frame. I haven't tested other browsers.

  26. Isn't it 42?


    Ask Arthur Dent or Zaphod Beeblebrox


    Yes, the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is 42.


    I remember listening to the first few radio episodes and was fascinated. I must buy the cd of them. That and the Red Dwarf series about a mining ship that gets radioactive and is continually saved by a robot called Kryten.

  27. I was horrified by the performance of IE8 beta 2 and thought it would take years to sort out, but IE8 RC1 does the basics well but there are still thousands of problems which seem to be for coding that most people won't ever use for normal websites.


    However, people complain that major websites break when using RC1. Only yesterday I tried Dell's customise option to buy a new computer and RC1 on Vista failed to Add to Basket. I tried five times and then saw another small link at the top right corner of the screen which said View Cart [5] and I could click on that and saw that I had ordered five computers! I deleted four but IE8 RC1 failed later during the credit card process, so I used Firefox and had no problem. I had various combinations for Dell in Trusted Sites and Active Scripting for the Internet setting was enabled and cookies too, but it still failed.


    Computers are relatively cheap now and I think it's easier to use separate computers with two monitors side by side, You don't have to keep changing from one version to another and can see both at the same time so that chasing a few px is easier to see the difference. You also don't have any complicated programs or virtual OS to cause a problem.


    Keep an old PC for IE7 and buy a new one for IE8.

  28. I've had that problem too. It's caused by a small gap between the drop down boxes, usually between the top level and the first of the drop down boxes, but in your case you can reach the first one, but not lower ones, which is slightly different.


    You need to adjust the top and bottom borders, padding and margins to the drop down level and possibly to the top level too, I suggest you make them 0 at first and see whether the connection is OK, then adjust them as you want until it breaks again.


    Look for style codes which have one ul and or li for the top level like

    #menu ul li { } or #menu li { }

    and two for the drop down level like

    #menu ul ul { } or #menu ul ul li { } or #menu li li { } or #menu ul li ul li { }


    Edit: line-height can also be a cause, so endless fiddling with padding, margins and line-height may be necessary.

  29. I downloaded this page


    and only this stylesheet



    and I found that IE7 and Firefox both had the correct links colors, so IE7 must be taking the red link hover color from the stylesheet I said could not be accessed or from the template file /Templates/definitions.dwt which I didn't download.

  30. You have three stylesheet links:-

    (which isn't a .css file)

    then a head section style for a black body color

    body {

    background-color: #000000;



    and then


    There's probably an overlap somewhere and IE is using one stylesheet while FX is using another. Is there a white body color in the last stylesheet which is being processed last by IE?


    Item 3: your link above doesn't work but I managed to get to it from your menu:-



    You have this stylesheet link twice but it doesn't work:-



    Sort out your stylesheets.

  31. If you want to start a message board like this, you don't really need much coding experience.


    You download and install the complete package with hundreds of php and database files which insatll themselves automatically.


    You then use the admin menus to set up the forums and permissions, etc.


    When I set up a forum I only needed to edit the image in a file so that I had my own header image, the rest was via the admin menus.


    The forum has its own pages, you need coding experience for separate website pages which link to it if you want, but a forum on its own doesn't need a separate website.

  32. It's difficult to do anything offline without typing, or scanning with OCR optical character recognition.


    Most peolple would use MySQL online database with a PHP form, then export from the database into Excel or into Access to be used offline but I've only done it into Excel and so I'm don't know how to export to Access.


    Online you can transfer form fields into a database:-

    http://w ww.wickham43.net/formphptomysql.php

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