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  1. Hi Guys,




    Beginner so any pointers very helpful


    Currently having problems with my navigation bar, its leaving space above and to the right of the bar itself, so basically the background color of the bar is of the body instead of the wrapper, i'm also finding it hard to have the bar neatly in the center of the page as appose to either the left or the right, please see below for a link to code pen show ing my page:




    Please click edit at the bottom to see the html and css, any pointer to make the Navigation fit would be very helpful!






    Add this to your CSS


    #navigation ul {

    margin-top: 0px;


  2. Hello everyone!


    I am a print designer trying to learn more about web design. I am currently taking a course on it (some things are still fuzzy, but I'm sure I'll sort through it) but I wanted to see what advice you guys had for starting this transition. What are some common mistakes that are made when beginning web design? Where do you go for design inspiration? Do you have any tips/tricks that a beginner may find useful when making this transition?


    Thanks so much!




    Don’t get trapped buying lots of learning materials; stick with one that works for you.

    Easy to understand and have practical application. Practice, practice & practice. :)



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