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  1. Hello Stef, and anyone else who finds this post., I'll start this post by quoting one of my favourite sayings: "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. If you hang around with 5 loser's, you will become the 6th. If you surround yourself with 5 winner's, you will become the 6th. Choose wisely!" Had a Bootcamp Consult call with Uncle Stef live from the airport Feb 1, '22...discussed my situation and fit. Purchased and joined the Mentorship Program Feb 2, '22 after an evening of reflection, and jumped headfirst into the pool. Completed: Mentoring Getting Started Lizard Wizard Web Foundations HTML5 Pro 2/9/22 CSS3 Pro 2/22/22 Going Live On The Web JavaScript Foundations 2/27/22 Beginner's Python3 3/8/22 PHP7 Foundations 3/10/22 PHP and MySQL 3/11/22 I think it was the shallow end of the pool I jumped into, because my brain hurts... Starting Form Validation with PHP and Javascript Project now... That said, I don't know anyone who is a programmer/developer/coder. I am looking to surround myself with like minded people to talk coding, learning challenges, ideas, opportunities, and general discussions. As you can see, I am dedicated, and aggressively consuming knowledge. Some of it I understand, some of it I need to talk through with someone else. I personally find the challenges of online learning to be the solitude, and lack of like minded supporting discussion. please feel free to contact me if you would like the same support. I am located in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. I have the internet, Zoom, a phone, and I'm willing to use them... I want become the 6th person who challenges, supports, and helps others expand their knowledge and exceed their potential. Thanks Bentley
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