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  1. Hey guys, I'm brand new to Studio Web and professional web design. So, hello world! I started working on my first free portfolio job which is a Wix site redo and looking for some tips on learning this system to do advanced html and css and js down the road. I'm not really finding too many good sites that provide advanced tactics. It seems most people stay in the Wix templates and don't get into to the code. What I'm looking to do is make the site responsive first and foremost. It looks like it only has two modes which is maximized desktop and mobile. It seems like there needs to be some media queries added to get the tablets and small screens to work. What I'm looking for are some suggestions on articles and youtube channels that can talk about more advanced topics in wix web design and development. I'm not seeing too many. Just looking for suggestions other than wix marketing bs videos. Any help is much appreciated super pumped to be in this community. Thanks, Anthony
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