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  1. I'm new to web development, but I do presently run my own lawn service business with my wife. Getting customers is the hardest part, of probably most businesses. From what I have heard and tried myself, creating content is the best way to get customers. First off you need a site, then you need to optimize it for SEO, meta tags, keywords, relevant terms in the text of the site. You'll need to set up Google My Business to recognize it. Including a blog on the site for you to publish short articles and images would help. You'll also want to set up a Facebook page for the business, and accounts through Twitter, Instagram, Google+. Videos on Youtube would also help. All of this stuff will point back to your site and should slowly increase your ranking on Google. These are just some of the basics. You'll have to do some other things to get the flow of customers started. Try getting on Upwork, maybe try Craigslist, Youtube videos giving advise to non-techies about websites, with a little helpful self-promotion, would probably be a good way to start funneling people to your site. Stef has some courses on this stuff. I haven't tried them yet, still learning the basics of web dev. John Morris on also has a TON of videos about getting customers through Upwork, you might check those out. I have a close friend who works for a SEO service firm. I plan to eventually give them a shot once I start the ball rolling. He says they are very good. This is kinda my general game plan anyways.
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